Wedding Photos: Stephanie and Zach Mallgrave

Saturday I went to my 2nd cousins’ Stephanie  wedding to her soul mate Zach

It was a beautiful wedding
Gorgeous dress
Beaming parents Sue and Anthony Riccardi
 Zach and Stephanie Mallgrave
One of the coolest bride’s bouquets ever. Stephanie and my Aunt Angie, her grandmother, began collecting antique pins and brooches for the past 2 years or so. Grandmom Riccardi (my mom’s sister) help assemble it before she died last December. As past past president of Delaware Valley Antiques Association, Aunt Angie knew vintage.
past president of Delaware Valley Antiques Association – See more at:
Stephanie incorporated lockets filled with photos her her grandparents on both sides, into her bouquet.
Susan Riccardi, Aunt Rosie Shannon and my mom, Virgina Dillon
The gift table in the cocktail area. Who knew, but you should always move your gift table into your reception room because sadly some bum will try and lift your gift cards and run down the street. Thankfully the groomsman were able to run faster than the crooks and recovered the gifts.
Sue and Stephanie
cousin Donna Libertella Matthews and mom, her aunt Virgina Libertella Dillon
Joe Riccardi, Fred Matthews and Uncle Charlie Libertella
My biggest fan from watching me on Fox 29 – Victoria
Introducing  Stephanie and Zach Mallgrave
Dad and daughter dance
all my first cousins from my mom’s side, except my sister Crista who didn’t fly in because the National Weather Service cares about ratings more than people as they predicted Joaquin hitting NJ 5 days out, with barely one model showing it hitting NJ. Zoink.
Ray and Maryanne Massi, Bob and Ingrid Shannon, Margaret and Frank Goleash. 2nd row: Teresa Fitzgerald, Mike Toub, Tina Morrison, Janine DeFeo, Diane Libertella, Lisa Libertella, Tracy Bonaventure, Donna Matthews, Joe Bonaventure, me, Carla Fine and Ray LaGreca
There was a lot of selfie action going on

Cousin Joey Riccardi, Sue and son Jacob
Happy birthday to my sister Margaret Goleash