A fantastical Light Show in Philly – New Tradition Started as Lit Brothers Building is Lit

 Brickstone Realty and Madison International Realty
completed a project to illuminate their jewel property, the Lit Brothers
building at 7th and Market streets in Center City.

 The facade
lighting has 504 linear light fixtures at the base of each window around
the entire building and highlight the architectural features of the
historic building as well as feature several light shows throughout the year.
It was designed by Stantec Architects, the Lighting Practice and Metro
Electric. Earlier this year, a $9.5 million scrolling digital display that
stretches 80 feet along the 7th Street and 8th Street sides of the building and
160 feet along Market Street, was turned on and features advertisements.

Last month their was a dedication party to celebrate the completion of the project.
Paul Horning and Lori Horning.
 Kevin Merlini, Advanced Chemistry and Technology Inc., Caroline Boyce, executive director of the Preservation Alliance and Terry Diamond, Development Dept at Shriners Hospitals
 Dave Quinn, President at Penn Lighting Associates and John Connors Jr. , ‎Development Associate at Brickstone Realty – ‎Brickstone Realty
 Dave Rice and Mary Merlini.
John Pringle, David Kurz, VP Learning Design at CorpU and
Jackie Kurz.

Caroline Boyce, Mark Merlini, and Peggy Murr.
Greg Heflin and Carol Horne Penn

Terry Whitaker of Crossbow Station and Jessica Sharp of Maven Communications. 
Mark Merlini Partner at Brickstone Realty and
Philadelphia City Councilman Mark Squilla.

Peggy Murr, Kathy McAfee,
Nancy Shreckengast, Vicki Humphreys, and Mary Merlini.

Kenneth Penn and Andy Lash.

At first people seemed to be skeptical of this project, including yours
truly, but now seeing the end result it’s definitely unique and special.
I can’t wait to see what happens for the holiday’s, hopefully a new
tradition of lighting.
Photos by Mike Hirata for