Last Night Amber Rose Brought Her Bad Bitch Self and Grandfather to Center City Barnes & Noble

The newly minted author, Amber Rose, who is promoting the launch of her debut read “How To Be a Bad Bitch, made a stop in her hometown of Philly last night.

Bringing the fans out in droves, including
 Paul Roysdon and Matthew Paisley

Amber’s next door neighbors growing up. Mrs G (r) tells me that she was there was Amber was born, beautiful out of the womb she said. A cheeky young girl as nice as can be. She knew she be something big, always a dreamer with a drive to make it.

 Looking gorgeous, its been nearly 6 years ago since her star elevated, getting a national break by meeting Kanye West

It was 6 years since I photographed her at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Spring Garden at her friend Congo Green’s birthday party. 

The curvaceous model put both her boobs and her backside on show in the loose-fitting corduroy onesie with plunging back and a low V-neck.
A British tabloid called this back shot a wardrobe malfunction, I think they were just going for hits with that title.
Since rocketing on to the celebrity scene, Amber has attracted the media. The guys last night were excited she showed up in an attractive tan jumpsuit, as the previous night she was in NYC wearing blah black.

Amber Rose’s grandfather Poppy Sonny Rose sat in for her book signing. Many of Amber’s family members and friends were in line to see her. She told me she was excited to see them, and it really was the only time she had as she was finishing up her book tour and was eager to pick up her son and go home.


Wearing a smile that could light up a room, Amber took the opportunity to promote her own sunglass line Amber Rose Eyewear as well.This pair is called Elton Gold Shades.

I’m sure it was a welcomed site to be home after her stint on Watch What Happens Live Sunday when Andy Cohen declared Amber Rose the worst guest on his show after she refused to
answer any of his questions regarding her ex Kanye West or the
Kardashian-Jenner family on the show. I watched it and she declined in the nicest way. I don’t blame Andy either, even though it’s in the past, he is definitely the guy that cracked opened the door for her before her booty busted it open.