So many emotions happening to me today. Thanks to Elizabeth Wellington for capturing my story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

 Kindness saved HughE Dillon’s life is the title of the article, but it’s missing one thing

I have to say the kindness was instilled by my step-mother, my mom Virginia Dillon. My core values were set in stone by her. I wouldn’t be as kind as I am without the enormous love she showered on me in my life.

Please don’t share this with my mom, I asked her not to read it. My parents really didn’t know of my struggles as I had extracted myself from their lives for years. There was nothing they could do, I had to make up my own mind to save my own life. Now with the awareness of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, as well as so many awareness organizations and programs that have developed over the past few years, hopefully people will be able to avoid some of the darkness that enveloped my life, and save their lives.

Thanks to Philly Style Magazine for the incredible piece they did on my life and work

Thanks to the PGN for the story they did.

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HughE in the spotlight

Celebrity photog HughE Dillon
is usually watching – and snapping away at – those in the spotlight,
the better to feed his star-hungry audience of 11,000 Instagram
followers and 22,000 Twitter followers.
This weekend, though, HughE gets the attention, and it’s well deserved.
He’ll be honored during the
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Greater Philadelphia
Chapter 2015 gala Saturday at 6 p.m., at the Loews Philadelphia (1200
Market St.).
Fox 29’s Alex Holley
will serve as the mistress of ceremonies as HughE receives the
Lifesaver of the Year Award, a humanitarian distinction for those who’ve
helped end the silence and stigma of suicide and mental health issues.
HughE has volunteered with AFSP for the last five years.
VIP and general admission tickets are still available, starting at $100. (For more on HughE’s moving personal journey, see my Inquirer colleague Elizabeth Wellington‘s story on

more at

TY Elizabeth Wellington and @PhillyInquirer for my profile, and work of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Philadelphia Chapter
I know we saved lives, I’ve heard from so many people across all my
social platforms, email and phone calls. I am so humbled, and
overwhelmed. Thank you so much. I only wish my younger self realized he
was loved. When I quit drinking and drugs, which I used to masked my
pain, I saw a glimmer of hope. Thanks to AA and my sponsors for helping
build the foundation which is my life now. They told me it would get
better and it did. Thanks to Garden Wellington Logan
who kept coming back to me to work with the organization, not even
knowing I had a story. The first year I turned her down saying I was too
busy, I didn’t want to open the door to my past. She persisted came
back to me a few months later, I said I will tell you tomorrow. I then
wrote a blog post about my early years, and went to Twitter to share
with my followers. And that is how God works in my life.

Thanks to the Veterans who fought for our freedom