More Cute Red Panda Photos from the Philly Zoo

Yesterday Josh from Philly Mag wrote me at 10AM, and asked if I were going to go to the Philly Zoo and shoot the baby Red Panda’s at their debut. He had me at baby, YES, cute animals I’m there.

Thankfully this week #DistrictDrive lent me a car, which they sometimes do under their #influencer program. It’s a marketing tool, I use their car and then tweet about it chatting about what I like about the car. Well I like everything. They give you a choice of 3 cars, and I usually pick the Enclave. It’s big and it fits 7 people, which is great cause I like to cart my friends around. It’s got the latest gadgets too, and an optional sunroof, which I really need. I’m a visual guy so I want to see every angle. Believe it or not it’s easy to park and it fits in parking garages. I thought it would be too big, I was wrong. It’s probably a standard size, but since I drive a car I thought it was genourmous. It’s not a smart car size, but it’s just a tad bigger than my own Ford Fusion, plus it has the back up camera which is hugely helpful. Anyway I jumped in the Enclave and I headed to the zoo.

 Red Panda Cubs Make Debut at Philadelphia Zoo
 You get the opportunity to name the cuties

 Their mom’s name is Spark (r)
 There’s a boy (l) and girl (r) panda

The public can offer their suggestions about what to name the two
cubs. One three-year-old boy from Fairmount has an idea — to name them
Mario and Ellie, after him and his sister.
Also if you adopt a red panda by the end of the year, with the money going to care for them, you get a free red panda plushie.

For more information and to submit male and female name suggestions visit or email the name suggestions to

Those who adopt a red panda by December 31st will get a free mini red panda plushie. To adopt a red panda, visit

 My friend John McDevitt from KYW1060 doing a spot for CBS3 Philly
 It’s fall at the zoo. You probably have one more week of beauty on the trees.
 I stuck my tongue back out at him
The Behind The Scenes Tour