Thanksgiving at MANNA with Mayor and Lisa Nutter, Jim Kenney, DA Seth Williams and other notables

Every year I cover the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and I had fully anticipated covering it again this year. First I was going to photograph the operations at MANNA, where for years they’ve prepared a delicious meal for their clients and 3 friends for the holiday.

 Years gone by I always wanted to go, but I couldn’t imagine getting up so early and leaving the house. I do wake up early to work, sometimes I go to bed as the sun rises too. Anyway…

 this year was the year I set out to do it. It was a lovely walk to their 23rd and Ranstead Sts,

through the Thanksgiving Day Parade preparations as parade goers were already marking their territory.

 2323 Ranstead St.
 Marilyn Russell, BenFM was on hand
 The menu
 giving instructions to the youngest of volunteers

 The packing station
 you get a pie, you get a pie, you get a pied

 Ed Neilson, State Representative
 Sergio Panu

 DA Seth Williams and his two girls on the right
Sue Daugherty, RD, LDN – Chief Executive Officer, MANNA welcomes the guests as DA Seth Williams, Mayor Elect Jim Kenney, Rob Saxon, Director of External Affairs – MANNA and Tony Frick,  Chair of MANNA’s Board of Directors.
 Marilyn Russell and Frannie Murphy

 Mayor Nutter and First Lady Lisa Nutter

Rep. Dwight Evans carries dinners to volunteers cars. What a great morning. 
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