Photos and Empowering Statements from Uber Philly’s Women’s Empowerment Forum

Uber Women’s Empowerment Forum moderated by Blondell Reynolds Brown was held late last month at

Pipeline co-working space in center City over looking beautiful City Hall.
The breakfast event was sponsored by Uber Philadelphia, and consisted of a panel that included 
Tiffany Tavarez, PECO Corporate Relations
Brigitte Daniel, EVP Wilco Electronics
Tiffany Newmuis, Director of Diversity DNC2016
State Representative Joanna McClinton
Danielle Paige Jeter, CEO AOI Events & PR
With Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown as moderator
The Uber Team: Taylor Bennett, Nikki Tuttle, Jenna
Price, Sarah Briggart,
and Lindsey Kling.
Tatiana Cook and Brian Taylor from Bellevue
Tiffany Newmuis and Tiffany

Brittney Miller-Coyle and
Faith Geating.

Marc Coleman and Brigitte Daniel.
 Jasmine Smith and Phylicia Henry
Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and her Chief of
Staff Katherine Gilmore-Richardson.
Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown recommends everyone read “A Passion for Exellence”
 Full house at the . Womens Empowerment Forum

Brigitte Daniel, Meghan Joyce, Jon Feldman, General Manager of Uber, Philadelphia Metro and
Mustafa Rashed, President at Bellevue Strategies
 “At this pace, we’ll reach gender equality when my 18 y/o daughter is 75…we have work to do.” – Councilwoman Reynolds Brown
Worth putting on repeat:”Excellence is its own form of protest.” Thx

Marc Coleman and Brigitte Daniel.
  mentions adaptability as a major advantage to women in business in
“Sometimes setbacks are set ups. Your testimony is how you’re resilient in getting back up.” – Brigitte Daniel, EVP Wilco