The #Foodporn of Christmas Village Plus Friday Stop By NRG Gingerbread Contest

NRG Home will again present their Gingerbread House Decorating Contest
on Friday, December 11, 2015,

 at 1:00pm with members of the press
competing on behalf of four local non-profits

(Red Paw Emergency, MANNA,
Ronald McDonald House and College Settlement).

Each non-profit will win
a $1,000 donation from NRG for participating, and the winning charity’s
house will win them an extra $1,000 donation.

Now onto the FoodPorn of Christmas Village. Did you know this year they have a food court, where you can sit and enjoy the treats you purchase at Christmas Village. It’s outside and with the record warmth we’ve been having lately, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a bite and the sites with your food.

One of my favorite spots is Pretzelphoria
Pennsylvania-made pretzels with spices ie buffalo wing flavored & jalapeno peppers, and high quality chocolate-covered pretzels

Malt Wine

Here are the prices. When you buy the Malt Wine, you’re actually getting the Christmas Tree Village mug for $2 and not $3 when not getting the wine.

Booth #9 is The Bacon Jams
which also comes with Bacon Carmel Popcorn. I’m going to have to get some of this for mom for Christmas.

Helmut’s Original Austrian Strudel where you’ll find oreo cookies churro and buttered soft pretzels
Booth #67

There’s also an indoor tent with picnic benches to keep warm while you eat

Sweet Bakery – Roasted nuts from all over the world, Chocolate-covered fruits in finest
Belgian chocolate, gingerbread-hearts, magenbrot, advent calendar

Brunkow Cheese  *  Grilled Cheese specialties from Wisconsin
“Have You Accepted Cheeses Into Your Life Yet?”

John & Kiras Chocolate booth 41

Soft Pretzel’s are $3.50

Prices are reasonable for Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, Coffee, Tea and Soda

At Bacon James they have this Bacon Jam Emergency kit for only $35

I love these Oil/Vinegar bottles

At booth 37 enjoy Wandering Waffle – Delicious Belgian Waffles

Only 19 days left to enjoy Christmas Village.