Bloomingdale’s Outlet Opens In Center City With Lots Of Bling & Bargains – Here Are Examples

You’ll recall about 2 years ago I rumored that Bloomingdale’s was looking to open a store in Center City. A full bloom Bloomingdale’s and I’m hear to tell you they were. The City at that time wanted them to take the space where Strawbridge & Clothier used to be located, but Bloomies wanted the Burlington Coat Factory – and wanted to tear down the building and do a custom build. They were this close having done drawings and everything. Must have given the Gallery owners an idea and they decided to do a whole re-do of the Gallery Mall making it an outlet upscale destination, which closed the mall until 2017. That wasn’t in the plans for the iconic NYC, back to the drawing board (BTW none of my story ever made it into official anything, although the Inky did write about the rumor. I can assure you it was in the works, and I verified it with someone at the opening today.) Fast-forward to today, despite the naysayers on my blog, Bloomingdale’s did come to the City in the form of their outlet store at The Shops in Liberty Place, 17th and Chestnut Streets. TODAY was the official Grand Opening.

Bloomingdale’s, The Outlet Store cut the ribbon today at the The Shops at Liberty Place (1625 Chestnut Street) in Center City, Philadelphia. This is the first Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store in the Philadelphia metro area and the 16th in the country.  The new Outlet Store location will join two full-line Bloomingdale’s stores in Philadelphia at King of Prussia and Willow Grove.

The  22,700 square feet on the second level of Liberty Place, the new
Bloomingdale’s, The Outlet Store will enter the retail space formerly
occupied by Warner Bros. and most recently, Christopher’s Men’s. The
Outlet Store will offer a range
of off-price apparel and accessories, including women’s ready-to-wear,
men’s, children’s and home –giving fashionable and wallet conscious
customers an avenue for purchasing stylish brands at a compelling price.

Michelle Israel, Senior Vice President of Bloomingdale’s Outlet Stores, Robert Bond, GM of Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store in Philadelphia,  and Alan Greenberger. Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Director of Commerce at the grand opening of Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store in Philadelphia at the Shops of Liberty Place this morning.

 A few of my favorite things – The Men’s Shoe Department
 Ya Gotta Wear Shades
 Before Blogging everyone kept diaries. I like to think of it as blogging primer now.

 In the 1960s this would be an ashtray

The outlet sells apparel and accessories, jewelry and footwear for men, women and children.

 The photo doesn’t do these justification they’re really cute.
 I want to see you wear this during the holidays. I must photograph this on a person, I believe the price was $149
 So glad these fur lined vests are back.
 Seriously barely opened a day and they have a “clearance corner already” and you don’t have to search for it. Enter through the  mall and it’s immediately on your left.
 I love the new Bloomingdale Oultet, it’s a perfect companion shop to the other Manhattan store that set up shop in Philly: Century 21 at 8th and Market

 Eagles are in first place, I know hard to believe right?
 OK this is truly a conversation piece. It’s ice cubes in the shape of the Titanic and Icebergs. It’s truly an ice breaker.
 Love these Sweaters
 Psycho Bunny Hats $19
  Joe’s Jeans
 Here Kitty
 This is just the girls shoes, the women’s shoes are rows and rows long. You’re going to need a day or two for them, and several days to check out the bags.
Elements of the iconic Bloomingdale’s store design carry over, such as
the checkerboard floor, but with added pops of yellow referencing the
iconic taxi cabs seen throughout NYC.
  You might find this shirt at Urban Outfitters – I’m Just Like You Except Hot
Christmas Cookies Anyone – Or is this for Day of the Dead?
 Mole Street Productions was on hand to set up the AV equipment for the ribbon cutting and speeches this morning. Punch Media was there as they do the PR for Shops of Liberty Place
DJ Adrian Hardy was spinning for the customer delights


  Huge bargain – English Laundry Socks $4.98 for 2 Pair
 #Selfie with the Phillies Phanatic

Tea Strainers – They’re a little obsessed with the Titanic  

 It’s official, the directory puts the Bloomingdale Outlet name on it’s board
 This was the check out counter at 10AM this morning
The entrance from the Shops of Liberty Place – Make sure you take a spin inside. There are lots of great stores there and a fantastic food court.