Spectacular Holiday Lights In the Area – Chip Kelly, Vince Papale, Muhammad Ali & Joe Flacco’s Neighborhoods Lit Up

Over the past week I went out on my annual holiday light tours, being a visual guy I’ve always enjoyed Christmas and the lights that celebrate the season. When I was a kid I was in charge of putting up the Christmas lights on our house. I was always sad when the season was over and I’d have to take them down and store them in the attic til the following year. I was happy when those white bulb candles became popular and were placed in the windows of houses throughout the year.

Rittenhouse Square

Lit Brother’s Building

Audubon NJ

 Audubon NJ

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens QB and Super Bowl XLVII MVP grew up a few houses away from this house in Audubon
PS My dad was the town’s OBGYN and delivered Joe Flacco, but that’s the only time dad met him.

Audubon, NJ – You can’t go wrong seeing great houses in this town.

 I mean check out their fire station on Merchant Street, Audubon NJ

Haddon Hts
Haddonfield NJ
In the movie When Harry Met Sally… (directed by Rob Reiner), Billy Crystal‘s character, Harry, is from Haddonfield

Half the Flyer’s Team lives in Haddonfield. Chase Utley never lived in Haddonfield no matter how many rumors said he did.

Marlton, NJ
Cherry Hill – Winding Way in Charleston Ridings (2 streets over from where I grew up, and one street further to where Muhammad Ali used to live. His house is on the market again I hear [Ali moved away about a year after we moved to the neighborhood)
Cherry Hill – Nice Caddy in Driveway
Vince Papale’s House in Cherry Hill
Cherry Hill
Haddon Hts

Cherry Hill – I’m not a fan of these new Christmas lights

Ali Larter (born 1976), model, actress, and star of Heroes.[25] was born in Cherry Hill 

Country Club Lane – Woodcrest – Cherry Hill

Flyers great Bernie Parent lives in Cherry Hill. I used to attend his son’s annual Halloween party, we both went to Catholic schools and had off the next day for “All Saints Day”.  Bernie would play air hockey with the kids at the party.

Morris Drive – Woodcrest – Cherry Hill
Tavistock NJ

 Tavistock, NJ – right off of Warwick Rd/Haddonfield NJ

 Tavistock NJ

Country Club Drive – Woodcrest – Cherry Hill

Country Club Drive – Woodcrest – Cherry Hill
Haddonfield, NJ on the same block as Chip Kelly’s House

Haddonfield, NJ Main Street ie Kings Highway. Every Friday night in December, they have shopping late night with lanterns lining the street and horse drawn carriages touring downtown.
Chip Kelly lives about a half mile from this spot.

Warwick Road – Haddonfield, NJ

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Cherry Hill is made up of a series of neighborhoods Woodcrest, Barclay Farms, Wilderness Acres etc. I lived in Charleston Ridings, this video is from Lucerne, which is a new development down the street from where I lived. When I was a kid it was a farm field I used to ride by on my bike to get to my job at the gas station on Rt 70. I always thought Ichabod Crane was going to ride out of the field and snatch my head on those late nights when I rode my bike home from work.

City Hall

 If you have a car, or a friend with a car and want to see fun, whimsical lights head to South Jersey