How Did Philly Notables Celebrate Christmas: Announcements, Puppies, Presents

I hope you had a marvelous Christmas. As some of you may have heard my beloved mother in law, Eleanor Toub, passed away on Christmas Eve after a short illness. She lived a few floors above us at The Philadelphian, so I got to spend many cherished moments with her. Soon I will write my memorial to her so you too can see how remarkable she was. Today let’s focus on celebrations of love, and joy this holiday season.

Congratulations to Molly Sullivan French (sideline reporter for the Philadelphia 76ers on Comcast SportsNet.) and her hubby Tommy French and baby makes 3 in May. Maybe on their anniversary as Molly and Tommy were married in May in Honolulu.

Former CSN reporter Maria Papadakis popped up on Christmas day with her squeeze Chris Konopka at his parents house in Toms River. Maria and Chris then jetted to Naples to spend the rest of the holiday at her mom’s house.Usual the pair live in Toronto where Chris is goalie for their professional soccer team.

HELLO I need walking privileges
OMG now I’m going to have to get Mike one of these

Notes are the best

My friend Gwen Bailey hosted a few celebs who gave back on Christmas
Charlie Mac, Bernard Hopkins, Meek Mill and Yazz the Greatest with Gwen Bailey and Quincy Harris on mic
Patti LaBelle at her house in Wynnwood

Ron Jaworski’s grandsons are so fed up with the Eagles, they’ve become Pittsburgh Steelers fans
 The Papale family headed for an Eagles disappointment on Saturday
 The Vetri family ate at Pizzeria Vetri in Spring Garden on Saturday
 6 months ago Fierce Pierce was looking for love on the Art Museum Steps, now it looks like he found it somewhere else
Former Ela Sous Chef Billy Riddle popped the question to TopCheftestant, celebrity chef Jen Carroll and she said YES!
The duo moved to DC over the summer and plan to work in Mike Isabella’s new restaurant Washington, D.C.,

Congrats to Adam Joseph, partner Karl K and Jacob as they welcome a new addition to their family

Merry Merry, Happy Happy. Tomorrow I will start posting my Best of 2015 columns. Monday we return to posting events and Philly Gossip. I still have Philly events I haven’t written about, instead of saying last week, or last month I’ll be saying last year.