More Photos from @PhillyMayor #PHL2016 Inauguration Day – Broad Street Walk, City Hall Parties & Block Party

Congratulations to Mayor Jim Kenney. I’ve been photographing the Mayor Kenney for the past 6 years. Even with the familiarity of our relationship, it feels different as he ascends into this prestigious, powerful position. As a society photographer, reporter, pop culture curator, it’s fun to see him go from a shy, private councilman born and raised in South Philadelphia, to when he finally got comfortable with me photographing him at events about 5 years ago (you’re notable people want to know what you’re doing I would say, [thanks to the Tamburino’s for introducing me to him at Sabrina’s wedding]) to his decision to run for mayor, to his transformation of a serious contender, (anyone can see he has a more commanding appearance these days) to the day he was sworn into the office. I remember the day after he won the primary, he came up to me as I was waiting for a bus. He said you wanna take of selfie, I would have never asked him, and I jumped at the chance. I may have been a little teary eyed, which was a surprise, but it’s really because I’m so happy for him, and for Philadelphia. Most mayors I’m sure have been brought up in Philly, but I really feel this Mayor connects with all the people, and his administration is going to pull our City together and make it even better.

It killed me not to go to the swearing in ceremony, but it was a Monday morning and Monday’s are deadline day. I got a couple columns out and jumped on a bus at 11:30PM, good thing too as the ceremony ended early and the traditional walk up Broad Street was underway. I was trying to figure out the best place to stand, as I slowly moved my way down the street, which was conveniently closed for his walk down the middle of the street.

Spotted in the crowd and posed in the middle of the street so I could get City Hall in the background, former councilman Frank DiCicco and his son Christian DiCicco. Christian and his wife Diane welcomed a baby boy Charlie in December. Congrats!
 Protesters lined the street greeting the guests
 Spotted Luke Butler, who was chief of staff for both former Mayor Nutter and former Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger. Tuesday in the PHL Business Journal a story broke the news that Luke landed at  Curalate as its strategy and operations manager.

 Rue Landau, Esquire is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) and the Fair Housing Commission (FHC), Jeff Guaracino,  president and CEO of Welcome America Inc and Nellie Fitzpatrick,  Director, Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs for the City of Philadelphia

 Sen Bob Casey
 Mayor Jim Kenney moving briskly up Broad Street. I found the perfect spot to photograph him. He called over to me and said
HughE let’s take a selfie. What a mind blowing moment I’ll treasure.
(Thanks to the Michael Bryant, Philly Daily News for this shot. Also Jeff Fusco, and Brian Hickey captured great shots I’ll treasure.)

 The press and supporters continued at a brisk pace, sadly even knocking

 over this women, who was quickly picked up 

 She recovered and quickly checked her camera for damage. The folks to the right were not protesters but welcoming the Mayor to City Hall. They handed him flowers

 Brenda Exon, cofounder of the nonprofit advocacy group Partners for Civic Pride, was on hand to give a history lesson on the Philadelphia flag as well as greet Mayor Kenney.
 In the upper floors of City Hall, City Council was celebrated being sworn in
Kathryn Ott Lovell, the newly appointed Commissioner of Parks and Recreation (and Eileen Della Volle, Vice President Client Relations/ Business Development/Government Affairs) at the City Council Party. She takes over the job held by Michael DiBerardinis during the Nutter administration. At that time Nutter split the department into 3 positions, with DiBerardinis overlooking Parks & Recreation (Susan Slawson) and Fairmount Park (Mark Focht). Under Mayor Kenney it returns with just one person overlooking the department, Kathryn Ott Lovell.
Two millennials who are politically going to make a difference:
 Matthew Fontana and Gabriela Guaracao
In 2015, Philly Set Go had some great accomplishments demonstrating millennials can make a political impact. They included endorsements that made a difference as demonstrated by NEWSWORKS recognition of our endorsements, being the first organization to endorse Allan Domb for City Council At-Large‘s successful candidacy, the filing of a right-to-know request with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and working in tandem with the Center City Residents’ Association (CCRA) to defeat a Council bill that would have discriminated against college students.
In 2016, with your support, we aim to build off of this success by continuing our advocacy for all Philadelphia millennials on issues that affect us.
First up —> Our event with “America’s mayor”, Ed Rendell. Join us!

Councilman David Oh in his office
Sheryl Lee Ralph, Sen Vincent Hughes and Council women Cindy Bass

Councilman Allan Domb and his staff in his office
There was a lot of food on hand
Fav pix, Mayor Kenny seeing Council women Helen Gym’s office furniture
she picked up at a 2nd hand store and they were cute and comfortable.

Councilman Allan Domb and Councilman Greenlee
Elaine Tomlin-Ward, Councilwomen Maria Quinones Sanchez and Rev Bonnie Camarda

City Rep Sheila Hess and her staff in her office at 1515 Arch Street
Then Sheila and I headed over to the Convention Center for the Block Party. She ran into a few old friends from IBX where she worked for over 27 years.
I saw Allyson Young and Zoe Maser
The kids from Capa entertained
The Geater with the Heater and the sports mascots. Does anyone know this cute girls name?

PR Mavens: Nina Zucker, Lori Klein Brennan and Patti Klein

Foolish waffles served Waffles and Chicken – delicious

Legendary DJ Patty Jackson’s triumphant return for a short illness with her is Patti Bean and Lisa Collins.

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