Fox29’s Bob Kelly and his Wife Carrie Encounter a Drunk Driver on their Vacation

Carrie Kelly had this on her FB today, and I copied it here as it’s compelling and lessons learned 
Only 3 miles from finally arriving at our picturesque inn in Vermont
last night, Bob and I’s world almost changed. I say almost, but it’s a
word that deserves impact and influence. I was driving my truck and
watched the car directly in front of me get struck by another car flying
down the dark road crossing the center line. I swerved to avoid impact,
pieces of the other car spraying everywhere. We ended up safe and
against the guard rail. Both of us jumping out to help the others. That
car that hit them?? It kept going, swerving into the night. As Bob and I
helped the family hit, minutes later another driver jumped out of his
car saying “there’s been another terrible accident around the bend. The
same car that hit you, she hit others like a half mile down. She’s
totally drunk, and there’s a small child in her car. It’s mayhem down
there.” Bob and I ran down to help. Working where I do, hearing “small
child” and a traumatic situation, my heart and brain doesn’t know how to
stand to the side and mind it’s own business. The scene smelled like
deployed airbags. There was so much screaming and chaos. So much anger.

The mountain road was nothing but taillights and headlights now, people
out of their cars assessing those hit. But one car stood alone. The car
that caused it. The driver almost incoherently intoxicated. In the back a
beautiful little girl. The little girl that told me “can you help me,
my car seat went crazy.” A car seat she was sitting in but had never
been buckled into.
To the woman driving drunk. I spent every
moment with your little girl until she pulled away in the ambulance. As
people screamed outside that you were going to jail and how could you
have done this. I explained to your little girl that “no, jail isn’t a
‘cage’ where your mom can’t breathe, it’s a room where sometimes we have
to go when we make big mistakes.” I stayed with her while she told me
her head hurt and she was scared to go to the hospital alone with
strangers. I stayed with her while we sat in the car watching Snow
Buddies on an iPhone trying to tune out the chaos outside. I didn’t even
know your sweet little girl but my heart broke when she reached for me
and begged the paramedic to let me come with her to the hospital as they
closed the ambulance doors.

You caused so much damage. So many
lives were altered last night, changed. My husband and I spent the rest
of the night holding hands tightly saying seconds could have changed our
life tonight, our children’s lives waiting at home. I could have not
swerved correctly and driven right into it. You could have killed us.
But as I wake up this morning, all I keep thinking about is the other
wreckage from that accident. Because you decided to drink and drive your
little girl witnessed and experienced things someone that innocent
never should have heard or experienced. I can’t stop thinking about her.
I am not here to judge you. I am not here to claim I have never made
mistakes. I have. I am here to remind you as a fellow mom, you have an
obligation. You have a responsibility to that baby to protect her. She
said it wasn’t the first time. It has to be the last.

You hit and almost
killed 3 fathers last night. You hit a teenager on the way to play
goalie in a hockey game. You made a decision that changed the trajectory
of so many families. But at least focus on the impact it had on your
own family. Stop the drinking and driving. Get help. Be a parent. Be a
role model. My husband and I are lucky we got up this morning and still
get to be here. Prayers for all those in last nights accident. And for
you little one, who’s name I won’t write in public, the biggest of
prayers for you sweetheart.

– My note don’t drink and drive, and when there’s an open bar party know you’re limit, know that they’ll be another Saturday night, Another open bar party, another drink to be had. I saw several sad incidences last night at Hair of the Dog and it was sad. There’s no need to be falling down drunk. And if you’re a problem drinking, and the problem could just be weekly hangovers, seek help. Sobriety is a great thing.