The Latest Snow Totals From NBC, CBS, 6ABC, The Weather Channel and Fox 29 at 5PM Friday

 The weather this week, too much drama.

CBS3 was first to report on Monday that this would be a MAJOR snowstorm. Snow in Philly, rain/snow line near Philly, all rain South Jersey.
 Wednesday 6ABC was the first to land some numbers
 Thursday Sheena Parveen basically pointed out that Cape May was getting screwed with rain and moderate coastal flooding.

Today PhillyWX posted everyone’s predictions.

Well you can throw them all out cause today at 1PM said we’re gonna need a bigger boat. The storm is much larger, it’s much colder and the snow is much more fluffier.

Adam Joseph came out with new numbers shortly after in his epic FB video of behind the scenes. They are exactly what everyone wants to see, the whats and how a weather report comes about.

 Today on Kate Bilo’s periscope she mentoned a bet she has with a guy at PHL, saying it would snow 14.4 inches. She’s going to have to pay up, as even her forecast has changed.
 Fox 29’s afternoon forecast
NBC 10’s Forecast. They’re all different.