Philly Gossip: Nerlens Noel, Susie Celek Joins The Competition, Ashley Johnson Headed to NYC, Gina Gannon to Japan

Happy Friday – Seems like a whole bunch of people I know went to the White House this week to meet with the President, or his people.

Marcus Allen, President and CEO of Big Brothers, Big Sisters headed to Washington earlier this week 
 Oscar De La Hoya lands one in Philly, and Team Derek was on hand to greet him.

 Andrew Sharp at the White House
 Last night Sixers Nerlens Noel stopped by Rumor, posing with the Best Doorman in the City, Tee Fish.
 Former WPHL 17 Eye Opener Ashley Johnson headed to FOX 26 Houston in 2014, and is now on her way to Fox NYC next week. Congrats girl.
 Renee Patrone, Events By Renee appeared with Eve Tannery, TV News Anchor, WFMZ Channel 69, 33, Bethlehem to discuss Super Bowl party tips.
 Mayor Jim Kenney at the Phila Car Show yesterday, rethinking the idea of taking a “City Car” perhaps.
 Since her split with Julie, Susie Celek‘s star has risen even higher. In recent times she’s appeared in Benton Blount‘s new country video, participated in a movie that shot over the summer, and now is participating as a Wingette coach in the Wing Bowl halftime show’s inaugural pillow fight against  Coach Chelsea (Chelsea Durkalec), Team 94.1. Another interesting change in career’s Skin Palate is now operating out of Marilyn Kellmer‘s Sun Myst, formerly a competitor of Skin Palate.
 My cousin – in – law David Nakamura, Washington Post’s White House Correspondence, ran into Billie Jean King at the White house yesterday.
 Bon Voyage Gina Gannon who will be appearing on QVC Japan next week.
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