Snap Kitchen Sneak Peek & Review of Some of their Dishes PLUS Info on Today’s Sneak Peek

 Snap Kitchen officially opens the doors of its first two stores (Old City and Fairmount) on Saturday, February 6th!
  • To celebrate, it’s hosting a sneak peek event in Old City during First Friday tomorrow, February 5th from 4pm to 9pm– guests can check it out, enjoy a free tote bag and special pricing!
  • An
    official ribbon cutting will take place Monday morning at 8:30am. 
    Guests who check it out before 10am will receive a free tote bag, and
    guests who sign up for Funds Cards will receive a
    $10 Comp Card!
  • Monday is the Ribbon Cutting for the Old City store at 8:30AM, stop by for delicious treats.

 Wednesday night I was invited to a sneak preview and tasting for Snap Kitchen. If you’ve been following me on social media you know I am very excited by them coming to Philly.

 If you’ve been following my career, you know I have tried a million ways to loose weight. The most successful attempts were when I had personal chefs who prepared fresh meals like the ones Snap Kitchen prepares. Unfortunately their costs were very high and Mike’s head would explode everytime I told him how much I was paying. So lately I’ve been traveling to Wegman’s Cherry Hill to buy these types of meals.

Their story:
Since 2010, we (Snap Kitchen) have worked hard to create a place for people to
experience consciously crafted food that is both delicious and
nutritious. We are dedicated to educating our guests and providing
healthy, chef-driven creations prepared with the highest quality
ingredients available. Our menu offers a wide selection of meals,
snacks, and cold-pressed juices that are made fresh daily, portion
controlled, and nutritionally balanced.
A Philly first, Snap Kitchen has rebranded their business, their packaging, the stores and how they set up the meals on the shelf AND they have debuted it here in Philly first. The meals are color coded with the above color/logos. The meals that are Vegan/Vegetarian are green, Poultry is yellow, seafood is deep sea blue and meat is red. Makes sense right.
The meals are shelved according to their calorie content, with the least amount of calories at the top, I guess so you can stretch ie exercise a bit to reach them.
3 sizes, 3 prices from $7 – $13

Who doesn’t like homemade soup
Delicious desserts, definitely not on my diet.

Ohh kinda expensive at $5.49
Hmmm chocolate chip cookies
The desserts are located on the bottom shelves, as they pack the most calories for punch.
 Chicken & Green Chile “Enchiladas”  Gluten Free Carb Conscious Non-Dairy Paleo Style 
– Not as pretty as the picture on the website, but DELICIOUS!!
  Chicken Butternut Squash Macaroni  Gluten Free Sodium Conscious
– Nutty, sweet flavor so delicious.
 There were plenty of delicious juices to choose from, and they were competitively priced at $7 – $8 
These eggs were delicious. They removed the yolk and in it’s place they put humus. 4 for $3.99.

Wish they came in a half dozen. 

Naked Chicken  (Naked Beef) 
Gluten Free Carb Conscious Non-Dairy Paleo Style Sodium Conscious 
– If you like blackened chicken, you’ll love it. Me I had to put hot sauce on it cause I do not like Blackened Chicken. I would buy it again cause I liked the snap peas, and the roasted cauliflower, which seems to be all the rage even on the fanciest of eateries opening lately in Philly.
Here’s a link to the Menu

 Snap Kitchen opens in Fairmount and Old City Saturday at 11AM
Then in Rittenhouse Square & Mid-town Jefferson Hospital at the end of February.