Photos: Super Bowl Sunday Social Diary

Happy Monday Morning. I’m off and running to cover a few fabulous events today and wanted to do a quick blog post.

 Sunday Mike and I headed to see my niece Ella, in her church’s production of the Wizard of Oz. So adorable even if I’m biased.
 Then we headed back into Philly to go to Tommy and Amber’s Annual Super Bowl Party. I’ve been attending for the last 4 years. They are the best hosts, and really put on a good time for their friends. I wish I could say I shot this, but Mike did. It’s an epic shot of an epic good time.

 Thanks Tommy & Amber

Paul and Debbie Kelly
Hacina Saadi is back in town

Samantha Trasatti and Costa Miller
Matt and Jason serving up delicious Ela meals

Tamar and Steve Olitsky
Amber, Kate Beaver, Kathryn Wecal and Kareem’s mom.
Drew Coblitz and guest
Alana Bly and Chris Prabhu Gali

Drew Milstein
 My biggest fan on the left, but I didnt have a pen to grab the name. Yikes, #PCC Fail
Mike Toub and Matt Deifer – Bodypaint.Me Studio

Matt must have gone upstairs to play pinball as Tommy and Amber