Traffic Nightmare: Uber/Taxi Protest at City Hall 12:30PM Thursday – Bernie Sanders Screws Uber & Cabs Too

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to stay inside for lunch today at work. The Philadelphia Limousine(UberBlack), Taxicab, will be protesting Uber X and Lyft outside City Hall. 

And don’t forget to read the comments on their FB for the dialog on the struck, and the reasons why.
One last thing, on the Philly Limo FB page it says Bernie Sanders is coming to rally with the limo drivers ie he really isn’t, but I have bad news for you guys and Bernie’s support. 
It seems that on Pennsylvania Primary Day, Bernie isn’t even planning to use your services, or even Uber X or Lyft. No the Bernie supporters are putting their money where their mouths are and they’ve got their own App and will be organizing CAR POOLS.