Philly Cooks The Details , Plus Link to Philly Mag Posting

Philly Mag’s Philly Cooks hosted their annual soiree the other night at the Downtown Marriott. It was SOLD OUT, and when I got there at 7PM it was apparent. The line to get in was super long, and when I arrived to the ballroom the place was packed.

I like the entrance, which was this canopy, bordered by raw vegetables. Guests were greeted by “Party Girls” in long gowns with spirits to kick off the night.
It’s was Orangy Night. Maybe that’s what the Cars meant in their song

The Infinity Lounge was there again this year. Towards the end of the night there wasn’t a seat left to lounge on.
Emily Turturici, London Faust, Virgina Laskowski and Jackie Bloemker (wearing the cutest dress from Forever 21) I loved this photo, I just didn’t run it in PM.
PS Even if your photo appears in PhillyChitChat, it’s still a contender to appear in PhillyMag so make sure you pick up April’s issue.

I like when the eateries put some thought into their tablescapes at events. This is  Heritage, who had what the crowd deemed one of their favorite dishes of the night –
Sturgeon with Quail eggs.
Evantine Designs did the honors this year. That means they looked at the space and then executed it according to the ideas the Philly Mag marketing department had in mind. Evantine also consults with the lighting design people too, Brian Toner‘s Eventions. Everything look great, and the flow of the room was perfect.
Urban Farmer’s display was the best. They were giving away cute note books as well as corn seeds for your garden. I’ve eaten at Urban Farmer Steakhouse in Logan Hotel, and it’s delicious.
Many of the people I spoke with chose their Bacon Jam and Cornbread as the 2nd most favorite dish.

George Lee, Diane Ranson, Sandy Dawes (PM receptionist) and Nita Lee
Christina Randow and Michael Welsh of Brick & Mortar – Love them, but they were so busy I couldn’t get them to look up so this photo is here, but good thing as Michael posted this on my FB wall today and it’s might be of interest to you. You know how I feel about this issue.

Hey Facebook Friends. I’m reaching out to all of you to invite you to
join us at BAM TONIGHT from 6-9pm. We are hosting Mission 22 to
raise awareness and help end veteran suicide. 22 Vets take their lives
everyday and they need our help. Yes, that is 1 every 65 minutes. Please
join us tonight to show your appreciation of their sacrifice and join
the cause.
This article just came out today, the struggle IS real.…/rand-study-military-pts…/80339552…

Peter Breslow was ready for his close up. It’s obvious why I didn’t use this photo. When there’s an event with a lot of people, I don’t have time for people to decide when they’re ready to pose.

I didn’t even know that’s where Philly’s most colorful chef landed. You’ll find out when you read my Philly Mag column.
Little Baby’s Ice Cream – dots are in
The Sabatino Clan – Jenn and Jett serving up some delish from Aldine
Townsend was at Philly Cooks, but if you have a chance check out amano in Fairmount – and get the Inked Pasta. You’ll thank me.
Everytime I see the sign Caviar on a food table I think, oh good caviar I hope they prepared it like my dad used to.

I have lots of fun photos on Philly Mag and much more detail. This photo was supposed to be in my column over there, but no one could verify the first three guys names. Maybe they don’t have an online prescence, so I’ll put them here. You tell me did I get their names right? I really don’t like shooting groups this large, as this is a problem. You have the grab the names fast as they’re itching to go back to partying, mingling etc.
OK Philly Mag isn’t ready for us yet, but when they are head over to