Philadelphia Film Society Throws A Spectacular, Fashionable Oscars Viewing Party

Sunday night the Philadelphia Film Society  young friends hosted their 3rd Annual Oscar Bash, and by far the biggest, most successful one moving it from the quaint Roxy Theater to the nearly 500 seat Prince Theater.  In recent years Philly’s been lacking a quality, affordable viewing party since The Ritz – Carlton stopped doing them a few years back, and as much as they were great, this was much better. The AV worked perfect, there was plenty of food, a great mix of people and the screen was movie theater quality, and the audience was enraptured by the show, so there wasn’t too much chatting except for the collective sigh of disgust when Sly lost.

 Hosting the viewing party was none other than Philly’s beloved first lady 
Brittany Lynn and the Philly Drag Mafia

The Philadelphia Film Society Young Friends is a community of film enthusiasts and advocates that participate in social, educational, and philanthropic events to cultivate the next generation of film appreciation, film and festival-goers, and filmmakers in Philadelphia.
You should join them, there are a lot of great benefits, free screenings, lectures and much more. It’s really a great organization to belong to as well as a great place to meet other young friends, and young at heart movie lovers.

Bobby OChoa, Law Clerk to The Honorable Alice Beck Dubow at Pennsylvania Superior Court and Whitney Magruder
 People turn out the fashion on the red carpet, I saw everything from black tie, to evening gown and casual, which fit right in too.

Marcia Vanessa Williams,  Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Jennifer Sharpe and Michelle Leonard, Realtor to the Mainline – CENTURY 21®
 Nick Krill and Cody Ballard

 Danielle Robinson, Tom Ashley and Parinda Patel, executive board chair of PFS Young Friends.
The other co-chair – Kate McDevitt was onsite greeting guests.

Styling John Bolaris and Nicolette Brycki, QVC

 Cathy Rigney McCall and Alicia Slattery were winners in my PFS Oscar Viewing Party contests. PhillyChitChat was a media sponsor for the event.
 Sal D’Angelo and Lisa Severi
 The ticket price was reasonable at $35 general admission and $75 for VIP. Every got to enjoy the generous, delicious buffet by 12th Street Catering, and complimentary LaMarca Prosecco champagne. VIP got preferred seating, plus food, cocktails and popcorn in their area as they watched the shot.
 Olga and Eric Leo
 Kathleen Valley and Jeffrey Sidelsky
 Looking snazzy: Greg and Karen Basile
Sharilyn Vidal, Juan Vidal and Rebecca Knapp
Barry Johnson and Ernest Owens, Editor G-Philly

CAROL TAMBURINO recently gaining a new title as “GlamMom” to her grand baby Savino, is participating in a Celebrity Dance Contest next Saturday for Independence Mission Schools. I’ll have all the details on Philly Mag next Monday.

Elena Brennan, Bus Stop and Carole Shields, 
Sarah Arroyo and hubby DJ Mike Adam, 96.5 AMP
James Lawrence Delmonico (FB statement- “God judges, I merely observe.”) and Meredith West, 
Greg Faber, Christopher Latzke and Prab Sandhu (PRAHB SAND-hoo)
Jeffrey Sevag (Need a Car) and Kristy Sevag, of SevagPR. Melissa Leonard, Realtor to the Stars and Mike Benedict.
Julia Sherwood Murphy and friend, looking furtastic
Lauren Coleman and Deborah Hughes
Executive Board member of PFS Young Friends – Michelle Miller with a The Revenant “bear” costume on, with husband Josh DeMarco, who is wearing a “martian” helmet. (Other co-chairs included Parinda Patel & Kate
Joan Rivera, Matt Clifford, Marcos Matos, Gato Espinel, Noel Zayas and Kyle Stoudnour enjoy VIP seats at the Philadelphia Film Society’s Awards Viewing Party
Philly Chit Chat was a media sponsor for The Philadelphia Society don’t call us an Oscar Viewing Party cause legally they can’t use the name. Thanks to them for giving me a dozen tickets for contest winners and friends.