Independence Mission Schools 2nd Annual Dancing Videos, Bill Green, AJ Feeley, Marcus Allen, Kristen Johanson

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IHM “Sister Act.” #Dance4IMS 

The other night I attended the Independence Mission Schools 2nd Annual Dancing for our Future Stars celebrity competition. This event is similar to the TV show, except contestants compete in raising as much money for the IMS as possible to ensure a well balanced, solid education for kids as well as programs that will help them become all they dream to be.

Peter Panageas & K.O. Delmarcelle 

This year’s dancing stars were:  Peter Panageas & K.O. Delmarcelle. Carol Tamburio and Peter Liciaga. IHM “Sister Act.”  Marcus Allen and Amber Rawls. Kristen Johanson and Tony Azzaro. AJ Feeley and Nikki Thomas. Renee Chambers-Licaga and Quincy Harris, Greg Santiaggo and Ginny Carey (this video was flagged by youtube cause it was using Adele’s Hello and she wont have none of that). Ilia Garcia and Curt Foy (sorry didn’t get this on film, was shooting Brent Celek & his wife). Tommy Geramichalos and Narissa Fell (I didn’t get this one either, sorry) and Bill Green and Katie Miccarelli.

 Lots of people came out to support
 The kids, who were on hand to greet the guests

 Here are the judges
 And the dancers
This was the first one I filmed and realized there was a long introduction to the video. So start it at 50 seconds. I also realized I was standing in the wrong spot. 
AJ Feeley and Nikki Thomas 
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Quincy Harris & Renee

Bill Green and Katie Miccarelli 
Kristen Johanson and Tony Azzaro 
Marcus Allen and Amber Rawls 
Carol Tamburio and Peter Liciaga 
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