PhillyGossip: Bradley Cooper, April Fools Falls Flat, Connor Barwin & Villanova, Alex Holley is flawless even asleep, Gov Kasich Swings By Union League

Good Monday morning, what an amazing weekend. Mine was packed to the gills with events that I will be laying down here, in Philly Mag and the Philly Business Journal this week. Plus we’re getting ready to launch the refreshed, revived PhillyChitChat site. It’s been 7 years in the making. I’m not a big fan on change, but PCC was desperately in need of a makeover. Plus if you’d like to get in on the early bird ad rates, please drop me a line at That’d be great. Welcome to Paul Sevag Motors, my new advertising. Check them out, they have great cars, specialty cars and sports cars.

Last Monday Adam Lowry  of the Winnipeg Jets, was doing the Rocky pose before his game against the Flyers. They loss, but at least he has this cool photo as a souvenir.

April Fools Day came and went. This year the fools seemed to be few and far between, many just fell flat like this secret new taco at Revolution Taco. Turns out the taco they thought would be too hard to believe, which was their April Fool’s Day joke, was actually requested by a few customers. It does look delicious I must say. A real heart attack on a plate.

Over at PhillyGayCalendar a few people did take notice of 
Donald Trump Admits to Same Sex Attraction in College
cause they asked me if I had read about it. 

Not a lot of people fell for this at the Walnut St | lululemon athletica. When I saw it I thought either it’s a play on words since they sell athletic clothing, or maybe it was a new campaign. Just in case I ran inside and asked. They said it was their April Fools Day joke. Maybe because it was Friday, and people were out enjoying the unseasonably warm day no one took notice.

This is no joke, I had both Snap Pizza and Snap Kitchen to eat on Friday.
Snap Pizza and Snap Kitchen are not the same, nor do they have the same owners. Snap Pizza is located at 1504 Sansom St, it sells healthy salads, and create your own pizza’s for $7.99 mini. delicious.  Open til 3am wkends #foodporn

Sweet T’s Good Day 20th Anniversary cake.

 I had a piece of the cake about midnight when I appeared on the Fox 29
broadcast of the special 20 hour show. Alex Holley didn’t fair so well,
everyone in TV land got to see what it was like to sleep with her. So
much fun, kinda wish I wore bigger socks. Doncha know the next day I
went to cover a party and a couple people mentioned they saw me on the
air in the middle of the night. You just never know the reach of the
media. Thanks to Quincy Harris for coming in at about 2AM and keeping me
in stitches.

Speaking of winning. Congratulations to Villanova University.  Here’s a throwback pix that Alicia Vitarelli on her first day as a freshman. Where did you watch the game Saturday night?

Al Lee and his girlfriend Danielle Sievers watched the game at Bainbridge Street Barrel house, with Eagles player Connor Barwin, well actually Connor sat near by. Where’s a good place to go tonight? Tell me on FB or Twitter. Soon I will have the capabilities for you guys to leave a comment when my new blog site launches in two weeks.

Bradley Cooper in the blue top at top left, with mom Gloria Cooper, sunglasses on below him, next to a denim clad Kate Hudson, catch the  Guns & Roses reunion in Hollywood. Also spotted on far left Lenny Kravitz, above him Chris Brown. Far right is a scary looking Nicholas Cage, next to him is Andrew Dice Clay and Jim Carey. 
Guns N’ Roses reunite at The Troubadour in West Hollywood in front of Bradley Cooper and Kate Hudson

Congrats to the Charlotte Jr Checkers who played in the Nationals this weekend. My nephew TJ plays on the team, and my brother in law Tom DeFeo is the coach. His wife Janine is the PCC Admin.

 The Wells Fargo Center was lit up blue on Saturday for Autism Awareness Day, during the Sixers game.

Lara Toscani Weems posted a photo of Sixers owner Scott O’Neil and Dan Norton, Phila Biz Journal, checking out the under-construction Sixers Training Complex in Camden, NJ. What an awesome view of Philly from there.

Josh Kruger, City of Philly, posted this shot of Philadelphian’s celebrating transgender visibility day. Speaking at the mic is Nellie Fitzpatrick, Director, Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs for the City of Philadelphia.

LQQK who was at the Union League last week. tune into the lady who knows everything and everyone in Atlantic City here with Paris Hilton, resident DJ at Harrah’s After Dark 
I think you can see that Whitney took a cue from Amy Cuddy and has perfected her power pose.

Saturday night I covered an amazing event called  

I took this photo

No Dog Gets Left Behind, but was too tired to head to the Red Ball at the Linc after being up nearly all night at Fox then covering the WDAS Women of Excellence lunch during the day.

OK LOOK at how fabulous these three are in their red gowns. The trend this year really was red gowns, after I moaned and growned for years that people were wearing too much black at the fundraiser thatmakes lives better for those in need. 

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Here’s a few fun events happening this week.