Photos & Info about The Chinese Lantern Festival At Franklin Square

Welcome Gate, Tulips, Lotus Gallery, Flower Fairy, these are a few of the lanterns you’ll see when you visit the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square over the next two months.  Open daily from April 22 through June 12, there are 25+ handcrafted lanterns throughout the square.  PS I purposely did not show you all the light, you really have to go. It’s a fun, unique experience which were lucky to have in Philadelphia.HD1_6734 (Custom)

Tickets are $17 and for kids 17 and under $12

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Last night was the official media kick off party where Gov Rendell, (when he was mayor allotted funds for Franklin Square), Amy Needle executive director of Historic Philadelphia and John Dougherty, Business Manager of Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. (his team volunteer to connect the electrical wire for the exhibit)HD1_6754 (Custom)

When the Gov spoke he pointed out Karen Butler (center in pink), who during his administration was the head of the Mayor’s Action Council on Visitors and was the first executive director of Historic Philadelphia Inc. HD1_6761 (Custom)

Meryl Levitz,  president and CEO of VISIT PHILADELPHIA spoke about the excitement and how it would attract visitors to the Square, which has great permanent attractions like the carousel, miniature gold, a beautiful fountain and much more.HD1_6793 (Custom)

In addition to glowing flowers, dragons and figures, the festival also promises nightly entertainment to accompany the exhibit.

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A performer changes masks quicker than you can blink in this 300-year
tradition of the Sichuan opera.
Begins May 3rd.

Here’s a list of the entertainment

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Admission to Franklin Square remains completely free before 6 p.m. After 6 p.m., tickets are required to enter the square and the Chinese Lantern Festival.

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Sun – Thurs 6pm – 10pm       Fri & Sat 6pm – 11pm HD1_6848 (Custom) HD1_6869 (Custom)

There are crafters and a great souvenir shop

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This is a touring show, but at each location the lanterns are newly created HD1_6887 (Custom)

Here are a few things from the gift shop, which is on the left of the fountainHD1_6893 (Custom) HD1_6898 (Custom) HD1_6908 (Custom) HD1_6912 (Custom) HD1_6913 (Custom) HD1_6922 (Custom)

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On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the Dragon Beer Garden will serve beer, wine and cocktails in addition to non-alcoholic drinks and food. Alcoholic beverages focus on Asian drinks like Tsing Tao, Tiger Beer and Sapporo with other options like Crabby’s Ginger Beer, Yuengling and local craft beer. HD1_6946 (Custom)It was great to see Tara Lessard (r) out and about with her girlfriend Shanel Sherese. Look for Tara’s pics in PGN next week.

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Franklin Square’s SquareBurger, an on-site eatery, will serve a variety of themed food items including cheesesteak egg rolls, Chinese chicken salad, sweet and sour burger and a fortune cookie shake in addition to their signature SquareBurger and cake shake.

Hai Street Kitchen, a fast-casual sushi burrito restaurant, will also vend at the festival. Look for the popular eatery Wednesday through Saturday throughout the run of the festival.

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