#Hilladelphia – A Slice of Life on Primary Day

Happy Day After #Hilladelphia where Hillary Clinton won in Philadelphia, winning 63 percent of the vote, and 59 of the city’s 66 wards. ( Before being PhillyChitChat I worked on lots of political campaigns and knew where all the players were during election day. Now not so much. I did head to the 4th Street Deli, which in its heyday was the spot. In the past couple years it’s been waning a bit, and yesterday it was downright dead. So bummed, but a few characters did show up.

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I knew when I read the mayor schedule and he was not scheduled to go here that the turnout for fun political characters would be low, especially at the 4th Street Deli. It seems that folks now go to the West Mt Airy spot – Relish. I did catch a few political peeps. On the right is Clark DeLeon ( For 20 years Clark DeLeon wrote a daily column for The Inquirer, a slice-of-life called The Scene – you can imagine I was a big fan, I tried not to fan out too much but I did get a selfie)  to the left is former 4th Street owner David Auspitz. In the back is George Norcross (white hair), former owner of Philadelphia Newspapers Media – ie Philly Inky & Daily News. – Under his reign his team hired me to work at Before I arrived Lynn Abraham had been eating with them.

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Larry Platt, who hired me at Philly Mag, then went on to run the Philly Media Network, and is now running The Philadelphia Citizen, with him is Harriet Lessy, , former gossip columnist at Philly Daily News, now running her political PR agency –  BUZZCommunications and guest. Also spotted in crowd former 6ABC Marc Howard, so maybe the 4th Street Deli is where former newsies hang out or as it seems Hughe’s former bosses.

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Senatorial candidate Katie McGinty arrived in her bright green lime outfit, greeted the politicos that had been hanging out, then spoke to reporters at the 4th Street Deli. I did notice on her election day schedule, that she added Relish to it on the day of the election (as the day befores schedule didn’t have it) and pushed back her visit to the Deli to 130PM. Last November the Deli was packed with politico’s, but come November I’ll probably head out to Relish for an early lunch, and catch a late lunch at the 4th Street Deli.

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Across the street from the 4th Street Deli. I heard Bernie Sanders spent his lunch hour shaking hands at Reading Terminal.

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Between 5 and 8 PM I was photographing the Bank & Bourbon  2nd Anniversary. I was pleasently surprised that it was packed. I’ll have photos from the event in Philly Mag tomorrow, and a few additional ones here on PhillyChitChat on Friday, the food edition. Have you ever eaten there, it’s so good. They really do have the best steak in the City, I think better than my last pick which was Little Pete’s in Fairmount.

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I didn’t want to leave the party, but knowing that Hillary was going to give an election night speech in Philly I had to be there for this historic event. I hadn’t credentialed myself so I got in the general admission line with my friend. When we got to the door I saw the media door was next door and no one was in that line. I thought let me give it a try. I showed him my press pass, and my biz card. He googled my name and then he let Mike and I go in.  PS what sucks about having events at the Pa Convention Center is their proper address takes you to 11th and Arch. So many people were confused trying to find where it was really located, including me. This happens a lot with events. The two entrances are not exactly next to each other.

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Oh I love these t-shirts that a vendor was selling on the street outside the convention center doors. Not original, but cute.

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I hope people got their umbrellas backHD1_8182 (Custom)

Hi Kristen Welker, my former neighbor and friend, really we’re FB friends. Maybe she’ll be at the Fairmount Conservancy party tomorrow night with her mom like she was last year.

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It can be hairy up on the media riser, but still with this crazy position I was in, back row, I was able to get the following photos

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The Grateful Photo

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The Warrior Photo

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The I have a full set of teeth photoHD1_8324 (Custom)

The let’s get to work photo

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The Proud Husband Photo

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The supporter photo, omg let me tweet this photo out photo

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The yes we stuck together all these years photo and we’re going to make history again

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Teamwork makes the dream work

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The Mayor Kenney is standing next to the next President of the United States Photo

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As seen on South Street by Danya Henninger – PhillyDesign. Now how did I miss that?z (2) (Custom) z (1) (Custom)

The results from The Philadelphian voting district of the major races

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Have a good day, keep warm.