Bradley Manning Opens at Inis Nua Theater – Review & Party Pixs

“The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning,” produced by Inis Nua theater company at the Drake Theater in Philadelphia, opened on Friday night to rave reviews, it runs through May 15.

5-4-2016 9-29-21 AM

Johnny Smith, Campbell O’Hare (foreground), David Glover, David Pica, and Trevor Fayle (background) in Inis Nua’s THE RADICALISATION OF BRADLEY MANNING (Photo credit: Katie Reing)

I reluctantly went to see it, cause he’s not a hero of mine, but the show was really good. The actors were amazing, the set was clever, the story was interesting; his actions for releasing secrets of war atrocities are still flawed as far as I’m concerned, but it was interesting to see how everything played out and learn a little bit more about his story; did I mention the staging was amazing. I really did enjoy the play, and the set was really clever.  I recommend for you to go see it, especially if you’re a fan of Bradley Manning’s; he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize so there’s that.

Bradley Manning

Leonard Kelly,  Inis Nua Board Member, Janice K. Marini, Inis Nua Board Member,Tom Reing, Artistic Director of Inis Nua Theatre Company , Michael Athay,  Inis Nua Board Member and Anne Vogelmann, Inis Nua  Board Member

Bradley Manning Inis Nua

Dan McGovern and Janelle Kauffman

Bradley Manning Inis Nua

Oliver Frank, Bryant Gilot, Karen Beckman and Stefan Johnson

Bradley Manning Inis Nua

Paul Cheeseman, Darnelle Radford, Brett Mapp and Morgan Hugo all really enjoyed the play.

Bradley Manning Inis Nua

Ernest Owens, GPhilly, Barry Johnson and actor David Glover, who played a version of Bradley Manning. (That’s not a spoiler alert is it?)

Bradley Manning Inis Nua

Alex Rosenfeld and Paul DeichmannBradley Manning Inis Nua

David Fox, Philly Mag Theater Review and Toby Zinman, Philly Inquirer Theater Review

David Fox says: Director Tom Reing gives us an accomplished, exhilaratingly theatrical show, but the core story and its protagonist remain elusive. Read more at

Bradley Manning Inis Nua

Ray Costello and Deb Miller, Phindie theater review

“important and unforgettable theater that makes a difference.”
“outstanding cast”
“powerful American debut “
Check out this interview with the playwright by AD Amorosi in the Philly Weekly.

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning runs through May 15. For more information, visit the Inis Nua Theatre website.