Uh oh, It’s a Slippery Slope for Slide in The City – Looks Like They’re Not Coming Again This Year

You’ll recall last year The Slide in the City was on scheduled for a stop in Philly, but was cancelled after it was announce (it did go on as scheduled in Lancaster, Pa, where it’s scheduled again Aug 21, or as I like to call it the day after Ms Streisand sings for us at Wells Fargo). Call this Ground Hogs Day cause there seems to be trouble in river city again… (that’s a Music Man quote) for the 1,000 ft slip N slide with music, food and vendors  festival. Hopefully it’s not the naysayers that complain you can’t “close” a city park even for a fun couple of days on a slip and slide. Anyway here’s the press release I just got from the organizers.  It seems Slide in the City didn’t receive a permit before they announced the event. Below is Slide’s a few highlights from their press release.




Plans for Slide the City Philadelphia were announced last week. The announcement was made based on written communication from Councilman Henon’s office indicating that permits were 99% complete. Unfortunately, the permit may be delayed which could affect the proposed date.   In a recent conference call, Slide the City requested information as to why the permit is being held up.  They were informed that someone had already reserved the same location on the same date.


“It’s unfortunate we are running into issues bringing this one-of-a-kind event to Philly for the first time,” said Slide the City event director Chris Conran. “If the date and venue were already spoken for, we would have liked to have known on February 12th when we submitted the permit application.”



Slide the City was working closely with Playworks to bring the event to Philadelphia. Slide the City will be offering a free day of slides for underprivileged youth on the Friday before the event.  The charity was set up to be the title sponsor for the event and helped get Slide the City in contact with Councilman Henon’s office, who was working to provide the permit for the event.

Slide the City has not received an official permit denial or a reason for not receiving a permit. After repeated phone calls and emails, Slide the City received their first response from the Special Events and Parks and Rec Department this morning without any more information regarding the delayed permit.



Until this morning, all communication to this point had been through the councilman’s office. The only information given to Slide the City about the delayed permit was, “After much discussion about Slide the City’s event, the City and its partners have determined that we can not move forward with it.”  “If the only reason the event does not take place is because we sent a press release announcing that the event was coming to Philadelphia, I hope we can resolve that issue,” said Slide the City PR Manager Amy Gessel.  With over 25,000 people on the waiting list, Slide the City hopes these issues can be resolved in a timely manner so that Slide the City Philadelphia can be a cornerstone event for the city this year and years to come.

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  • How about the back of the Art Museum, there’s a really nice hill there. Or better yet Belmont Plateau, what an amazing view of the City.