Quick Vacation and Now I’m Back

Quick Vacation and Now I’m Back

Ugh I broke one of my promises to never miss a day posting on PhillyChitChat since launching my new site. To think I went 5 straight years never missing a post. Then I started taking on those other columns, and well PCC took a back seat and I would miss one here or there. It’s like every time I start a diet. Anyway let’s say going forward from July 1 or even July 7th which will be PCC 9th anniversary, I won’t miss a post for a year. Maybe that’s when I’ll start my diet too, nah, I’d better start that right now, especially after that BFF vacation with Kory Aversa. We ate too much. Vacation

The other day I looked out, passed my balcony, and caught a Peregrine Falcon flying high over Philadelphia. I love see that bird. When I worked as a paralegal I had a great window near my desk and I would catch the birds flying near their nest at City Hall. So I’m always excited to see them. They’re huge, Liberty One is about a mile from my house. BTW today I’ll be covering an interesting event at the One Liberty Observation Deck today. They had a contest and someone won an overnight stay there. Their “hotel room” will be furnished by Kimpton’s. Very clever. It’s a fabulous view during the day, great sunsets, it’s ok at night especially if you’ve never seen the City from a view so high, but it’s dark and oh so high.  Vacation

Congrats to my brother in law Joe on his retirement from Exxon Refineries. My sister threw him a little party last weekend. I so love seeing my family. I don’t make a lot of time for them, but I love them lots. _DSC8586 (Custom)

Uncle Mike with Bo and Michael Vacation

My brother Ray with my niece Mimi. Uncle Carmen in the background. If you head to the shore, and you need vegs & fruit, stop by their farm stand on Rt 538 near Ferrell. Great produce._DSC8662 (Custom)

On Monday Atlantic City, the City and Richard Helfant, president of Greater Atlantic City GLBT Alliance honored the victims who were killed in Orlando. Rich told me about the event when I visited Lucy the Elephant in Margate last week with my sister Crista and her kids. He’s the president of Lucy too. We go every year. It’s a tradition and the kids love it.Vacation

It was a nice program with officials and a great crowd turn out too. Here’s Mark Segal, president of PGN reading an opinion letter that was published in the Washington Post about Orlando, which they asked Mark to write.

_DSC8721 (Custom) Vacation

Don Guardian, Mayor of Atlantic City, who happens to be openly gay, stands with the tribute flowers which will be placed in the Atlantic Ocean as a memorial. Vacation _DSC8778 (Custom)

6-22-2016 10-39-53 AM (Custom)

I wasn’t able to make it to last weeks Philadelphia tribute/vigil to the Orlando victims, as I was away. But thanks to photographer Liz Baronofsky we can see the outpouring of love.

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God Bless the victims of Orlando, and the United States of America.