Bob Brady’s Phantastic Philadelphia 2016 Party at Sugarhouse


Congressman Bob Brady’s Phantastic Philadelphia 2016 Party took place last Sunday at Sugarhouse. Sure I’m a little late, but my head was spinning with how many party and events were going on, but I’m catching up now. How’s everyone doing. What an amazing week.

HD1_3617 (Custom)

Tomorrow I will have the ultimate celebrity wrap up and fill you in on all I photographed, where people went and how I decided to cover the DNC. I set out to do it one way, but when I got into it things changed a bit. Ending with no sleep for nearly 48hrs Wed through Friday. Let’s see who was at Bob Brady’s party last week. Guests numbered over 1,000, the guest list was tight, and I thank them for letting me in, although I was a bit late as I was covering the Delegate Welcoming Party at the Art Museum.

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Congressman Bob Brady, Diane Beloff with Lauren and Anthony Sembello

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Dick Clarke has nothing on Carol Tinari (r). She was in her element dancing to the Duprees and the TrampsHD1_3627 (Custom)

Wendy Hamilton, GM Sugarhouse and Anthony Mascardelli

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Jeff Rubenstein and Dana Rubenstein

(my long suffering editor at Liberty City Press, cause I always send my weekly column in at the very last minute.)

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The Trampps were burning up the stageHD1_3646 (Custom)

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Brett Flahtery, Esq and Councilwomen Helen Gym

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The Duprees were taking the people back HD1_3583 (Custom)

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Larry and RalphHD1_3594 (Custom)

Robin Hammond and Carlos Bradley

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Oil Can WOGL – 98.1 Harvey Holiday’s producer and Nino Tinari