Philly Magazine’s Best of Party with Link to the Best Dressed of PM

Last Thursday was the much anticipated Philly Magazine’s Best of Party.

HD1_5916 (Custom)

HD1_5892 (Custom)

Bringing together lots of local chefs where guests could sample some of their finest dishes. Here’s the crew from Garces EventsHD1_5896 (Custom)

Evan Turney, of Varga Bar and soon to be Butcher Bar with Valerie Safran, who with long time business partner Marcie Turney were trailblazers in creating a food empire in Midtown Village with the wildly popular Bud & Marilyn’s, as well as Barbuzzo, Lolita, Jamonera, Little Nonna’s, and retail stores Grocery, Open House and Verde

HD1_5897 (Custom)

Madison Leonard and Melissa LeonardHD1_5903 (Custom)

Paul Sales with Laura and Adam McCluskeyHD1_5905 (Custom)

Townsend Wentz and team HD1_5929 (Custom)

Mole Street’s Brian LaPann Band entertains the VIP crowd HD1_5941 (Custom) HD1_5949 (Custom)

Best Dressed in the City – Brandon Morrison and Stacey KracherHD1_5958 (Custom)

Catherine Bouvier and Eric SalesHD1_5959 (Custom)

A DJ Booth with a view – Adrian HardyHD1_5960 (Custom)

Eva Kasanovic, Carlo Fiammenghi and Julie Lazano

HD1_5962 (Custom)

Saxbys owners Nick and Haley BayerHD1_5967 (Custom)

HD1_5968 (Custom)

HD1_5970 (Custom) my bud Sandy, the receptionist from Philly Mag.

HD1_5985 (Custom)

Soon to be dad Kyree Tyrell, and our bud Marilyn Russell, BenFM

HD1_6003 (Custom)

Do blonds have more fun? Drew Bergman is going to find out this summer. I guess friend Sarah could tell him. Drew is single, and is ready to mingle. Drop me a line if you want a safer meet and greet than grindr?HD1_6008 (Custom)

HD1_6021 (Custom)

I think you can tell why this shot didn’t make Philly Mag, as they requestedHD1_6022 (Custom) HD1_6029 (Custom)

HD1_5918 (Custom)

OK now if you’re not too tired to look at more photos, I put my heart and soul into choosing the ones that are on Philly Mag. Check out the Link


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