Yes, I heard you, you want Woof Woof Wednesday Back

I got so busy in the spring social season that I dropped Woof Woof Wednesday. I’ve heard your barks, literally people have asked me to return the weekly column. So here goes, no slobbering on the computer screen please….8-7-2016 6-46-40 PM (Custom)

Gavin McKay and Trent Berrier at Glen Onoko Falls trail with their pup. Mike and I are planning to go to the Allentown area, plus Jim Thorpe for Labor Day Weekend and will have to check out the falls.

8-7-2016 6-39-21 PM (Custom) 8-7-2016 6-33-07 PM (Custom) 7-31-2016 11-06-40 PM (Custom)

buzz Woof woof Wednesday is about all kinds of pets really8-8-2016 6-57-34 PM (Custom) woof woof

I saw cows near Morgantown, Pa. I got one shot off before a car came along and beeped. It came out just as I envisioned it. woof



This is amazing