Call Her Miss Ralph – Plus Beyonce’s Dad’s New Group Look Like Destiny’s Child

Call Her Miss Ralph


Last Saturday night, the original Dream Girl – Sheryl Lee Ralph Hughes brought her long running HIV/AIDS Charity concert to the Dell Music Center in Fairmount Park.

Sheryl Lee Ralph (Custom)

The concert was a huge success raising awareness, and money for services in and around Philadelphia as well as to her on charitable organization100% of the proceeds from DIVAS Simply Singing! supports The DIVA Foundation’s awareness and prevention programs. ( D.I.V.A. [Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed] foundation.)

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Flawless in style and fashion, Miss Ralph changed at least 6 times throughout the night.

Sen Vincent Hughes his wife Sheryl Lee Ralph and her kids (Large) (Custom)


 Sen Vincent Hughes his wife Sheryl Lee Ralph and her kids Coco and Etienne, who was the co-host of the concert. The Hughes spoke about healing the community, and renewing the country’s spirit in these troubled times.


and she looked flawless

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And she’d better, check out her Glam Squad. It’s a serious bunch.

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Other fabulous entertainers on the bill included Full Force

Paul Anthony (l) let us know that they were 2 years out since the anniversary of the bone marrow stem cell transplant that his brother Bowlegged Lou of Full Force (r) donated to him as he suffered for cancer. Complete respect that these two were able to command the stage and entertain us after the ordeal they’ve been in. What a great gift Lou has given his brother as well.

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It was called DIVAS Simply Singing after all, and Avery Sunshine let it be known she was not happy that someone in the band was late. She slayed them on the stage, to the point where she got the crowd to chant “Be on Time.” Seems she got there on time, after a hellish journey with delays, but someone wasn’t ready and they didn’t have time to rehearse, so she didn’t rehearse. She was flawless, and the tirade was unnecessary, I felt.

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Spoken word


Jean Carne, sexy and nearly seventy. She had all the moves, and was very fun.





Then there was Keke Wyatt, who didn’t even need to say anything and the boys all went crazy. I was amazed at how incredible she looked after having her 8th kid last year, which she kept reminding us.


Come on We’re Your Weather Girls, and have we got news for you….


Beyonce’s Dad’s (Matthew Knowles (l)) New Group Look Like Destiny’s Child



Blussh – Sunni, Tali and Bunni Ray


Sunni, Bunni Ray and Tali