It’s Moving Time For Favs, Pillsbury Bake-Off & People News

It’s back to the grind this week. I haven’t shot any events of late, but people are doing busy. It’s Goodbye to Jay McCarroll and Duke & Winston, Plus other People News. The 2012 Pillsbury Bake-Off winner, Christina (Tina) Verrelli, participates in a play about the Bake-Off at the Bucks County Playhouse.


This week begins NYFW and one fixture you’ll definitely see is Jay McCarroll, especially now that he’s going to be so close to the action. The Project Runway season 1 winner is moving back to NYC to hone his craft and be closer to the action. I’ll miss the low key fashion designer who was always quick with a smile.


Another heartache good bye to Seun Olubodun, Duke & Winston clothing line featuring tshirts, socks, bow ties and other fun branded clothing. Just when he was contemplating working for someone elses’ brand and grow it as he grew his clothing line, he decided to move the brand out west. I’ve been watching and photographing the Duke & Winston clothing line for the past 8 years, and saw it blow up locally, but with any small business there’s bumps and curves in the row. We don’t always know how to get to the next levels, partnerships fail, ideas fall on deaf ears, and in the end we have to steer our own ship to achieve our goals. Instead of throwing in the shirt, Seun is headed west to see what sunny California holds. One thing for sure, you can wear a TShirt all year long in LA. Take care Duke & Seun.


Philly is full of fashion entrepreneurs, including Cameron Washington who has created Check out the trailer for Dapper – Black Men In Fashion.


The future is looking bright for talented ball player Luke Gutos.  Moving

When not DJ’ing all over the area, (Don’t ask him to play “Shake It Off”), Jon has been hanging out with his new squeeze Colleen, who just nursing school, as well as his kids.


Congrats Sheila. Last year Sheila wrote a book on Minnie Riperton, this year she’s taking over The Philadelphia Tribune.Moving Moving

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Formerly known as The Hive has now become Old City Collective. Moving Moving Moving Moving Moving

 Christina (Tina) Verrelli, Devon, Pa (c) was the million dollar Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest winner in 2012 and was she delighted to be a guest of Bucks County Playhouse last Thursday at the new musical “Cake Off” at The Bucks County Playhouse . “Cake Off,”, written by Sheri Wilner, Julia Jordan  and Adam Gwon and directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch.

Photo: Cast members Justin Guarini, Bucks County Playhouse’s Alex Cast with winner Tina Verrelli in center, Composer Adam Gwon, Rear: Michele Ragusa, AdrianJ. Lawrence, playwright  Sheri Wilner.

Tickets are available through September 10, 2016 and can be purchased by calling (215) 862-2121 or online at