Scranton, Wilkes -Barre, Allentown and Bethlehem, Oh My

When I told folks I was skipping Made in America this year and instead heading to Scranton, Pa cause it’s a bucket list City for me, they questioned me. I said yes, Scranton, Wilkes -Barre, Allentown and Bethlehem, we read about them all the time, but I’ve never seen them. I’m all about visiting the towns in Pennsylvania. Last Summer I went to Pittsburgh. The year before I went to St. Mary’s in Northwestern PA to see the Elk migrate. Yes we have Elk in Pennsylvania. Who hasn’t gone to Centralia, it’s still smoldering. We have the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, Hawk Mountain. 

I want to go to York, Gettysburg, I want to see the Flight 93 National Memorial (They have a new visitor center that opened last year), I want to see the Fallingwater | Home The list goes on.


Mike was a big fan of The Office, so our goal was to find locations they used for exteriors. We were detoured by La Festa Italiana – Scranton, PA, which when I started doing social media about it so many of my readers told me they had been there before. It was surprising, and exciting that others get out of their comfort zone and off the beaches to see Pennsylvania.



What’s an Italian festival without Bocce Ball. I just learned yesterday that Fairmount has a Bocce Ball league and they play where the Iroquios is across from where I live. How fun. hd1_1943-custom hd1_1949-custom hd1_1952-custom

This is serious stuff when a pastry shop from Brooklyn brings their pastry displaysScranton Scranton Scranton

I did notice there were quite a few Trump supporters in this area. The funny thing about this truck, it’s in a No Parking Zone, see the sign to the left.


Mike and I stayed at the Mohegan Sun Pocono: Casino, Resort in PA on Friday and Saturday nights. We booked it on the app Hotel Tonight. We like to book our hotels that way now, we don’t like making a commitment until the last minute if possible. It was a great choice. Very nice hotel, casino and eating choices.


We loved the room. The casino is round, and on the outer circle are great restaurant choices. In the center is a nice bar that over looks the floor. The clientale was friendly, although I was expecting Blake Shelton to pop his head out at any moment. They have a Wolfgang Express in the foodcourt, and the food was delicious. They do have a new buffet, but I wasn’t able to make it over there. They have a very strict check out police at 11AM. I liked it but the casino does smell of smoke, and sadly even though it’s amongst the Pocono’s there’s really no outdoor space with a view of the beautiful surroundings. There is a patio that you can go to order cocktails and listen to music, and at night you can imagine how beautiful the mountains are.



Sunday we headed to the Great Allentown Fair. It was great. Very crowded and the people were friendly. Scranton

Mike was thrilled he got to pet goats, and cows. I think I need to take him to the Philly Zoo’s petting zoo.


They had helpful recipes above the animal cages. I was glad that the lamb couldn’t read.


Pigs smell, they’re cute, but I wouldn’t want to have them as a pet.Scranton

Miss Allentown Fair participating in the tractor pullScranton

Very impressive Grandstand. This is where Meghan Trainor and other entertainers performed through out the weekend.hd1_2017-custom

Lots of winners at the fairScranton

fun for the whole family. Only $8 to get in.hd1_2046-custom

This magician was amazingScranton

This ride was amazinghd1_2052-custom

Mike gave his goldfish to a happy familyScranton

hd1_2059-custom hd1_2070-custom

We decided to stay in Bethlehem. It was a good decision.

Our room at the Bethlehem Hotel. We booked this on Hotel Tonight as well. Our rate was $200. Although not as fancy as the Moheghan Sun, we loved the room more. Very comfy cozy, with it’s period pieces. I love me a chair to read in, as my readers know, and this spot was perfect. hd1_2074-custom

Bethlehem is so adorable too. It’s not larger, but it’s quaint. Perfect for a weekend stay, especially because it’s so beautiful in the surrounding areas as well. hd1_2077-custom hd1_2116-custom

Mike finds friends where ever he goes   9-8-2016-9-07-45-am