Philly Gossip: Philly Fights Cancer, JHud Misses Cue To Go On, Lionel Takes Her Place, Details

Philly Gossip: Philly Fights Cancer, JHud Misses Cue To Go On, Lionel Takes Her Place, Details

Saturday night I covered The Abramson Cancer Center presents Philly Fights Cancer Round 2, benefiting translational research and clinical trials, held at The Legacy Tennis Courts on Ridge Avenue. I still don’t know why they retired the name the Arthur Ashe Tennis Courts, but that’s another story. WHAT an amazing night, event, the guest list, the glamour, A List celebrities, creative food, action, it was all the elements a society photographer wants to capture and share with his audience.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the color is pink. BTW the only drawback about this event is it was on the same night as The Pink Tie Gala (Susan Komen’s fundraiser), that
just shouldn’t be. I couldn’t make both, because I needed to be there for the cocktail party when I get most of my photos for columns, and I have to be there for the entertainment to complete the story of the night, and well I love Lionel Richie and Jennifer Hudson.


Brian Kappra, owner of Evantine Design, and his team did a spectacular job at creating a comfortable, eye catching magnificent space for 1300 guests


to wow over


Brian Toner, owner of Eventions Productions created the light scapes that lit up the rooms


Guests transitioning from the cocktail party to the sit down dinner. I spotted Madlyn Abramson. I jetted over there and then put together the best shot of the night,


Sharyn Berman Honoree, Philly Fights Cancer,  Madlyn Abramson, Amy Gutmann, PhD, Leonard Abramson, Dr. Kristy L. Weber, MD and John H. Glick, MD Honoree, Philly Fights Cancer, Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Professor of Clinical Oncology.


Brûlée Catering created the menu for the night.


I loved their presentation of the hordouveres during the cocktail hour. A real art .


During the cocktail party, there was also a VIP cocktail reception where sponsors, and higher price ticket holders were able to meet and greet Jennifer Hudson and comedian Tig Notaro. Just before Jennifer left to go back to her hotel to change for the evening, which was slightly mind bogling since the traffic on Kelly Drive was a hot mess getting there just from my house across from the Art Museum. (Jen was staying at the Ritz), I grab Nicole Cashman and asked her to pose for a shot with Jen.

Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Assocs. They did the media and publicity for Philly Fights Cancer.


Dinner is served. I believe it was a roast, and it was delicious.


I gave my dessert away, but not before I got this nice shot of the chocolate bomb.


Comedian Tig Notaro after performing for 15 minutes she told the audience that her set was to go longer than planned, oh good they’re giving her a chance to be funny


Then it was time for the entertainment JHud was supposed to go on first, but didn’t make it back in time getting caught up in Center City Traffic and the regular Saturday night
traffic mayhem that happens downtown. So Lionel Richie, who literally just landed at Phila Airport at 9PM, took to the stage at 10:15 and wowed the crowd. He sangs a lot of his biggest hits, people were slow dancing to Endless Love, Once Twice Three Times a Lady, and then dancing in the aisle for BrickHouse, All Night Long and Dancing on the Ceiling.


At one point Lionel called guests to join him on stage and they were more than happy too.


Then Lionel held his meet and greet, at the same time as Jennifer going on.


But I ran back and forth for a bit to capture both


While singing Jennifer Hudson went into the audience up close and personal. Even mid song she would pose with guests.


She did a heart-wrenching gospel song, plus a wonderful version of Leonard Cohn’s “Hallelujah”.

Next week (10/24) will be 8 years since her family was killed. She’s been saying on her social media  that this period is hard for her.
She did a medley of Whitney Houston songs, and her signature song, saying I wouldn’t be here without this song,
“And I Am Telling You” XOXO Jennifer. Wish she had sung my fav song, her original Spotlight


Then it was the afterpart at 1130PM. A young friends event.


There was “gambling” with proceeds going to the charity.




Specialty Cocktails at the after party


Guests at the afterparty cash their chips in to buy these items


Dessert at the after party


Brian Toner, Eventions, Brian Kappra, Evantine, and Paul Toner


A few press clippings placed


So bummed I had a cold and couldn’t get into the station to chat about the party, the stories and the WOW factor


Love this photo of Jen singing to a party guest


So grateful the media picks up the photos which helps get the word out on the charity.


Philly Mag online. Pixs will be in December issue as well.

Look for photos to pop up in Liberty City Press next week.