Scoop on Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Dine, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith, Stevie Wonder, Debra Messing in Philly

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Good Sunday morning.  So sad it’s almost over but let’s celebrate and get out today and enjoy this last weekend of super beautiful fall blooms.


I’m headed to Lancaster and areas north and west to see what I can capture today. This is General Meade, he’s located behind the Please Touch Museum.  So many Clinton celebrity events I had to miss this election cycle as I was booked to shoot client parties or working the following day getting these photos into the media, and sending the unused ones back to clients. Let’s see what I did get, and what I pulled off of social media. It’s another edition of Philly Gossip PCC. (Sundays and Thursdays right here.)


Friday night Stevie Wonder performed for a Hillary Clinton GOTV at Coda Philly, hey all my friends are in this photo. As I predicted he sang everyone’s favorite song “Isn’t She Lovely”, I guess that wasn’t a surprise. Me I went to the circus, see photos Monday in the Metro.
When I passed by at 6PM, the line was nearly a block long. I spoke to those in the front and they had gotten there at 130PM for their hopefully front row position.
I got back from the UniverSoul Circus in Fairmount Park (it was great) in time for the GOTV Gayborhood Bar Crawl with politicians and celebs on Friday night.
Mover, shaker, millennial standout and Liberty City Democrat Board Member Malcolm Kenyatta, Gene Barbera (FOR  ie Friend of Rendell) and Debra Messing

 Debra Messing on Friday night. Originally it was reported that Cyndi Lauper was to join

Former Gov. Ed Rendell, Katie McGinty’s brother John McGinty (Katie was in Pittsburgh), Rep Brian Sims, and Debra Messing on a GOTV Gayborhood Bar Crawl Friday night, but my sources tell me that Cyndi never confirmed. In honor of Cyndi, Debra Messing belted out “True Colors” at Tavern on Camac, Philly’s oldest singing piano bar. She was joined in by the hundreds of Hillary fans who jammed the downstairs bar. I originally couldn’t get in the front door, so I ran downstairs through the restaurant and up the back-staircase to get this shot.


The shirt Messing was wearing was cray cray, but people on my social media loved it. I didn’t know how I would watermark my shot, as I thought it might go viral, so I wrote Hughe between the phones. It worked cause people searched on my name all weekend. If you google HughE my stuff comes up first.


As I said earlier so many Clinton celebrity events I had to miss this election cycle as I was booked to shoot client parties. My mortgage appreciates it, plus honestly life goes on and charities
need love too. Last night so many amazing charity galas were held. I covered The Harvest Ball, whose decor was spectacular as you’ll see this week in my photos. Then I headed to the Devereux Hope Gala at Vie, OMG the turnout this year was huge. It was Havana nights and everything was so Cuban cute, including the cigar maker. Across town it was the Union League’s Fall Ball, which press is never allowed to photograph so don’t expect to see those photos. A few blocks away was the CCTC Roundup, which is always a fun time, especially as folks frolic in the hay. Anywho…. after the Katy Perry concert at the Mann with Hillary Clinton, Shonda Rhimes (r) Debra Messing, Cory Booker, Madeline Albright, Katy McGinty, Dwight Evans, Bob Brady and did I mention Shonda Rhimes, Katy and friends headed for dinner.


With Philly’s own M Night Shyamalan seen here getting into his car with his wife Bhavna Vaswani . This is the end of the night as they left through the front doors of  the newly adorned 4 Bells by Inquirer’s Craig LaBan Vedge, (1221 Locust Street) whereas


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom left through the backdoor. This was a tough shot as there were 6 fans waiting when I arrived about midnight
to wait for their departure, and they were pressed up against the window, but LOVE THAT KATY PERRY AMERICAN FLAG purse
I’m always impressed how the fans find out
these things, seems someone saw them go in and put it on Social Media.

It was sad as well to hear them plead with Katy for a moment of her time. It’s always hard because as a fan you think you’re idol is going to stop for a moment or at least wave, but for the celebrity they’re off the clock after a certain hour. Plus if there’s more than 4 fans, it’s really hard to do so. One of the fans ran a Katy Perry blog site. So she really was in the know.


I ran into future President Cory Booker. I love him, so charismatic. I wonder if he’ll get married before his run in 2024. When I used to cover celebrities in NYC, he was dating Gayle King, Oprah’s BFF

Still together after all these years, Nikki Minaj and Meek Mill sitting courtside at the Sixers last night. How about the kid behind them with the “side eye” or the gal trying to snap a photo, so fun. Who’s that guy next to Meek, he looks familiar?


Will Smith was at his home in Philly this past week, The Ritz, where he ran into Tony Piazza


Finally congrats to  Katie Cavuto (Food Network star, Phillies nutritionist and runs and Ashli Mizell, award winning interior designer on their wedding this past weekend. So adorable. Go out and enjoy today, Go Eagles and Vote for Hillary please, so we don’t have to have our marriages invalidated. I don’t care if Trump held up a Rainbow Flag, he wants the my marriage to be decided by the states, not Federally. I want to keep my marriage safe.


On A Sad Note, Marilyn Russell departs Ben FM

The Fox29 ladies, from left: Jenny Joyce, Alex Holley with Marilyn Russell, BenFM who was laid off from Ben FM last week. She sent all her friends and partners in business this note Sunday. Here they are at Marilyn Russell’s branded “Women of the Week” luncheon.

If you haven’t heard I was also affected by the recent radio sale of Ben FM. After 12-years of hard work, absolute dedication and helping to build a respected brand here in Philadelphia, I was unceremoniously told my services would no longer be needed…without getting into too much detail (it’s grueling) I’ll simply ask you you please continue to be my friend, support my projects as I’ve done with you and/or for you for so many years. For me business is personal. I’m blessed to have great client relations and many clients are asking me to continue as their brand ambassador which makes me feel that it wasn’t all for naught. There are many broadcast platforms and I’m taking time to find the right one by which to continue connecting with the great community of people within my home town of Philadelphia. I’m down but not out. Please don’t forget about me ♥️👍 ~ Marilyn
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