Shia LaBeouf In Town, Was Surprised How Cool Philly Is, Eagles Out, Justin Finch Out, Dreams In

Shia LaBeouf In Town, Was Surprised How Cool Philly Is, Eagles Out, Justin Finch Out, Dreams In

Just when I thought Social Season was over, a whole crop of events pop up to shoot. I’m sorry I missed several events last night (Dec 1), that cat nap I took turned into a bear of a sleep. I’m even late with this weeks Philly Gossip so here are a few things of note that happened this week, and a list of things you might want to do.


Shia LaBeouf slipped into town to do some press around his new movie Man Down which opens today.

LaBeouf was last in town this past summer when he was filming his ‘Take Me Anywhere’  hitchhiking performance arts project.

Last week when ET asked which City did he think was the coolest, he said Philly:  LaBeouf even celebrated his 30th birthday in June while promoting the film in Philadelphia, which he admitted was a town he didn’t expect to have a great time in, but ended up loving.

To commemorate the occasion, LaBeouf went out for a traditional Philly cheesesteak. (Said he ate at both Geno’s and Pat’s)

“It was quite cool. And I remember, this is quite Philly, I went there and they gave me a free sandwich and I was like, ‘Cool can I get some fries?’ and they were like, ‘Hell no man, you have to pay for them fries,'” LaBeouf recounted. “That’s very Philly.” (Source)


Speaking of cheesesteaks, last week when Randy Moss, former American football wide receiver who played 14 seasons in the National Football League, was in town he asked his followers where the best cheesesteak was. There were a lot of great choices thrown out, but the winner
was Jim’s Steaks on South Street


Flyers Captain Claude Giroux makes it official as he pops the questions to Ryanne Breton his longtime girlfriend. The duo both grew up in Hearst,Ontario


Congrats to Ben Haney and Jamie McFadden on their wedding. The duo did the deed in St. John’s last Friday. The ceremony was performed
by former NBC10 reporter Justin Pizzi, who was ordained via the internet, especially for the occasion.


Congrats boys

Thomas Finnegan is the GM for Dino’s Backstage.
Check out the December entertainment line-up at Dino’s Backstage:

  • Every Sunday – Michael Richard Kelly-Cataldi with the Tom Adams Trio
  • Friday, Dec. 2 – Wendy Simon
  • Saturday, Dec. 3 – Jill Salkin
  • Fri. Dec. 9 and Sat. Dec. 10 – The Snow Show
  • Thurs. Dec. 15 – Ken Silver
  • Fri. Dec. 16 and Sat. Dec. 17 – The Snow Show
  • Friday, Dec. 23 – Michael Richard Kelly-Cataldi
  • Saturday, Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve – 1956! – Michael Richard Kelly-Cataldi




Last night a few players from the Eagles headed to Rumors for a bit of fun. First they stopped by to pose
for a shot with longtime, doorman extraordinaire Tee Fish.


Justin Finch, last in Philly at CBS3, we hardly knew you and you left town for your dream job.


Yes follow those dreams..


Bill Anderson promoted to his own segment on Fox 29 – “For Goodness Sake”, featuring folks who do good in Philadelphia
Pitch him your stories. shia

Love this billboard, but love her much more. Helen Ubiñas 

is a great journalist getting to the bottom of things.


#PCCBUZZ – What’s Happening Philly – Philly Chit Chat will be shooting these events


Mike Hirata is there this Saturday for PhillyChitChat, I’ll be there next Saturday shooting Winter Wonderland at Suburban Square      |     Sat, Dec 17, 2016     |     1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Come on out and say Hi!!


On December 6th, Join the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, in bringing the business, legal, technology and creative communities together for an innovation focused event featuring Harvard Business School Professor, Disruptive Innovation Expert, scholar, author, and business consultant, Clayton Christensen.  Click here to register!

I always tell my friends and clients, this is one of the best networking organizations in the City. The breakfast spread they put out before the program, is delicious, and people make a huge effort to network. I love that Philly has an organization like this, and a cheerleader for progress like Karin Copeland.

Have an awesome weekend. Follow me along on @HughE_Dillon (formerly @iphillychitchat) and on instagram PhillyChitChat for up the minute what’s happening and who’s where news.