Philly Style Magazine Fantastic Scenester Photo Booth Pixs

Philly Style Magazine hosted their annual Holiday Party


at Aqimero, at the Ritz Carlton in Center City earlier this month. I was there, I took photos, some will run in Liberty City Press next week,


but I wanted to bring you guys the photos that were taken in the photo booth. So fun and telling!!

See if you can guess who the scenesters are…..
12-21-2016-3-23-52-pm-custom 12-21-2016-3-25-39-pm-custom
The Drewen Girls, I went to college with their sister Suz, and if I wasn’t gay she’d be Mrs Dillon12-21-2016-3-28-19-pm-custom

Conni Alexandrian McDonnell , Touché Accessories and Desmond McDonnell
Tonight head on over to Touché Accessories for their big 20% off the entire store sale. Pick up those
last minute gifts for the holiday, and I know you need a new dress for New Year’s Eve, or The Hair of The Dog party coming up on 1/7/17. They’re at KOP Mall, LL across from Macy’s. You’re not going to meet a nicer women than Conni.
I’ve admired her for years, and now she advertises on my blog.

Style Style

PR Peeps: Garden Logan leaves her 9 to 5 and returns to PR, Jaimi Blackburn leaves Loews Hotel, and goes to


12-21-2016-3-29-38-pm-custom 12-21-2016-3-30-02-pm-custom Style
The Neff’s12-21-2016-3-30-57-pm-custom
The most adorable siblings


Yeah that’s my shot of Lionel Ritchie there. Check out for my weekly photos.

12-21-2016-3-31-49-pm-custom Style

Philly newest, hottest, lifestyle bloggers – Alex and Mike
Invite them to your events. They have an engaging audience, are interesting guests, plus they’re kinda hot and fashionable.
Alex and Mike Lifestyle Blog


The Rittenhouse LadiesStyleIMC and his posse Alex, Mike Toni and Briana
Briana Louise Sposato
(bottom right) is a fantastic photographer. Her biggest client is Ian Micheal Crumm, her other clients Starr Restaurants to name a few. She shoots products and food.
That photo on my blog in the upper left, she shot it.


Thanks for the shots.