2016 Best Dressed in Philly as Photographed By Moi

I think I have an eye for fashion, I might not know what you’re wearing, but I know when your the complete package. Fashion isn’t always about thread count, I look for style, personality and confidence. What I noticed this year is the hand on the hip trend is over (see pixs below), but for those who still like to do it, please know where your hip is, it’s not chest level. It was sometimes hard to choose who should be on this list, Philly fashion has gotten really good in the past decade I’ve been chronically it, so thanks. I remember arriving in Philly after shooting celebs and society in NYC. I would ask people here what they were wearing. No one really knew,  in fact everyone was really just wearing black from the Gap. Nowadays that has changed, people are more aware of looking good when out, even using services like “Rent the Runway”, you never know when someone wants you in a #Selfie, or posing in a Photobooth or better yet on the pages of PhillyChitChat. These shots are in no particular order, and most have not appeared on the PhillyChitChat Best Dress list previously.


First of all Congrats to Laura Buscher and Connor Barwin on their engagement. Love them. It’s great to get to know them as much as a social photographer gets to know the people he shoots. She’s super sweet down to earth, and successful in her own right; and he’s a great guy who understands his celebrity, and uses it for the good of the world, especially Philly. Not only is he philanthropic with money, but with his time as well, which as we all know is equally as important.
I hear they give out the best candy to the kids at Halloween as well.
BTW he’s the first in Philly that has been rocking the sneakers at black tie galas too. Here they’re at the Rittenhouse Square Ball in June, but at Pifa in April he had a pair of black chucks on.


Kellan White and Nicole Allen White. They were on last year’s list of people to watch for. These two are fashionable, as well as political. They are community organizers, and care about our future.

Kellan White, City Council of Philadelphia and Nicole Allen White, Director of Government and External Affairs at Philadelphia Museum of Art

Kellan White, City Council of Philadelphia and Nicole Allen White, Director of Government and External Affairs at Phila Museum of Art at the Waldorf on the eve of the Pa Society

One of them is going to be mayor some day. They’re the founders of the Patterson Society, a political organization that holds a party in Philly the same night the Pa Society holds one in NYC, attracting young folks interested in politics who might not yet be at the level of affording the Pa Society. This year Gov Tom Wolf made an appearance at their fundraiser.


The always fashionable Flo Celender and Rick Celender.

Mrs. Celender tells me that she and the Mr. are retired and the only things they do these days are support the many causes that are important to them be it cure cancer or one of the many cultural organizations that we all love. I noticed them about 3 years ago at the LLS Red & White Ball and have been smitten with photographing them ever since cause  they bring it, and they’re very kind as well. I don’t think they ever see the photos as they told me they don’t have a computer.


Michael Chobart, Housepainter and Barbara Katz-Chobert, retired after having having a heart transplant and 2 strokes over 15 years ago. Adversity does not keep Barbara down for the count. She’s philanthropic with her time and money, a cheerleader for her friends going through crisis and  a fashion plate. She loves her Nicole Miller.

James Healy and Emma Fried-Cassorla, Philly Love Notes

James Healy and Emma Fried-Cassorla, Philly Love Notes. Simple style, they exude confidence and have great smiles.

If Robert Nonemacker (l) had a theme song it would be “Thank You For Being A Friend”, he’s always helping out friends on their events and projects. He’s a fly dresser and his best accessory is that killer smile of his. Scott Silber and Al Drulis (r) have been together nearly as long as Mike and I, and remain ageless. Scott was Kelly Ripa’s next door neighbor while growing up, but no matter how much I grill him he doesn’t give up the goods.
It’s great to see a couple grow in love, with grace and a good fashion sense.  (Indigo Ball 2016)

With her gorgeous red hair, Kristin Detterline is a subtle trendsetter wearing this seasons Nicole Miller.
As Editor-in-Chief, Philadelphia Style Magazine, Kristin has to attend many events during the social season and one could never get bored looking at her or engaging in chit chatter. She remembers everything, and wants updates on your family.


Shortly before Christmas she was on the scene at the Orpheus Club of Philadelphia concert at the Academy of Music wearing this gorgeous red dress, perfect for the season and the dressy concert.



I could do a whole blog post on Stacey Kracher, she is a fashion plate, and that body it’s ridiculous. She works hard for it, just check out her inspirational instagrams.


Equally as stunning in the style column is her handsome beau Brandon Morrison.
We all drop our forks when we come across their beach pixs during their annual trips to the beach.

(I didn’t take this photo, but see what I mean, drops fork)


I’ve photographed Kareem Agostini and Todd Agostini a few times and they always look fabulous as they do here at the Opening Gala for Opera Philadelphia 16/17 Season.  Thankfully she shares her style and sass on her successful blog called Big Bella Donna Fashion: Beyond The Blog


The style apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Mark and Helene Hankin‘s children Alexander and Danielle always find themselves on the otherside of many of Philly’s social photographers, including mine. This year they’re on my best dressed list – everything is so fabulous, down to their exquisite pose.


I ran into these two people at the Scarpetta opening, I can’t recall their names, but I love her dress and purse despite a minor clashing problem, her pose is perfect, and her guy not only looks great but has perfect posture, something I’m too lazy to remember to do. I love his casual style with jeans, a sports coat and pocket square.
People often ask me what is cocktail attire, this is it.



Adam Joseph, wearing a snappy wooden bow tie in honor of the forrest in the National Parks which was the theme of the PHS Flower Show 2016, with equally dapper Cecily Tynan wearing a gorgeous Sherry Hill gown.


Philly Style Magazine’s publisher John Colabelli and his wife Lauren Colabelli live up to the title of the magazine – They are Philly Style. Whenever I see them they are dressed impeccably. John is always pressed to perfection with his monogrammed shirts.


Looking fabulous at the Rittenhouse Square Ball:
Toni Leslie
, Co-Creator at REALM, Gabriele Snow (looking very much like Robert Pattison) and Holly Kinser


Onyx Roberts, Global Lipstick Fashion Blog and Jeta Stephens, Global Lipstick Fashion Blog
at the CJ Walker Luncheon. I was nearly out the door, when I ran back to capture them.
Loved seeing these outfits on a cold winter day.


Francesca Ruscio, NBC10, Traffic girl

James Crosby, Crosby & Co and Francesca Ruscio, PHL17, who both headed off to the Guns & Roses concert at the Linc.

the Former Miss Philadelphia 2013 wore this unique outfit to the PSM Hot List Party, and it was hot. She was the best dressed in attendence. Getting to look this fabulous isn’t easy, she eats gluten free, low glycemic, and vegetarian meals.  And just like Stacey Kracher, Francesca also works out religiously. (Did I mention I lost 35lbs last year. Next year I might put something like this on.)

Mike Toub, Kristin Detterline, Justin Pizzi, Christie Mandia and Brandon Mandia

Christie Mandia is not only stunningly beautiful, kind and creative, but she is a serious fashion plate, whether she’s wearing sweats *we live in the same building, or she’s out on the town her clothing is gorgeous and accessorized just right.

Who else could wear black to their wedding to Brandon Mandia, look fabulous and have the whole town talking about it.


Barry A. Milberg and Laurie Phillips, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. As Philly’s condo queen, Laurie Phillips is well respected in the community. I’ve always loved her style. She loves her scarves, and capes and they look good on her.


Thora Jacobson Executive Director, Philadelphia Art Alliance, John Wind, Artist, Barbara Eberlein, Eberlein Design Consultants Ltd. and Laurie Phillips, co-chair of Fall at the Mansion Dinner. – And seriously those shoes are a win. I remember at an earlier event she ask me not to shoot them, but the second time I saw her in them I told her they had to be captured, it’s her essence of casual but stylish at a fairly formal dinner party.


Which brings me to Barbara Eberlein, who’s been on the society scene for awhile. She is always impeccably dressed, and very sweet. Always one to say hello.  It’s a joy to photograph her as she’s always with the people I want to capture, and she has a radiant smile. With her are David Seltzer and Jerry Wind


Not only are they a dynamic duo on screen on Fox 29’s Good Day, but off screen they’re each other best friends.
Mike Jerrick zany personality plays well to Alex Holley‘s straight man sidekick, but it’s not an act. They’re really like that. Mike’s a great guy with a world of experience, and Alex is that hometown girl, and it explodes on screen as we watch at home saying “did he really say that?” as Alex cringes a bit before LOL, as we all are at home.


Both of them have up their fashion game this passed year.
They have style, they have grace, they’re my pick for Best Dressed in Philadelphia 2016.
Monday I will tell you which parties were the best, as far as fun, decor and party people.
Have a great weekend:)