Pat Nogar’s Exquisite Annual 12th Day of Christmas Ladies Tea

All week I’ve seen these exquisite photos pop up online of this beautiful party by Pat Nogar, from the TV show “Living Well with Pat Nogar”. Just as with my friend Bob’s most beautifully decorated interior for Christmas, I decided to run photos from a post Karen Toole-Ebbert  did here at PhillyChitChat


My dear friend Patricia Nogar has outdone herself again! I didn’t think it was possible. Her Annual 12th Day of Christmas Ladies Tea was a smashing success. The theme was The Nutcracker. Everyone showed up either dressed in character or in the attire of a lady attending the opera. So much fun, delicious food and amazing women! We were all truly Living Well with Pat Nogar yesterday and here are the pics to prove it! (photo credit Lee Cohen, Zoya Egan, Pat Nogar and others) – Karen Toole-Ebbert

1-12-2017 10-36-20 AM (Custom)

1-12-2017 10-34-22 AM (Custom)

Karen Toole-Ebbert

1-12-2017 10-34-48 AM (Custom)

1-11-2017 9-41-30 PM1-11-2017 9-41-30 PM



Hostess with the mostess Pat Nogar in velvety green1-12-2017 10-35-43 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-36-08 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-36-35 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-36-47 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-37-16 AM (Custom) Pat Pat 1-12-2017 10-38-16 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-38-29 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-38-41 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-39-41 AM (Custom) 1-12-2017 10-40-02 AM (Custom)

1-12-2017 10-39-03 AM (Custom)