Wildlife of the Everglades, Corkscrew Swamp and Southern Florida

Good morning. Sorry for my sparodic postings this month. I really was suffering from a bit of the winter blues and wasn’t very motivated. I am revived after my trip to Naples Florida to attend my friends Maria Papadakis and Chris Konopka’s wedding. I’m going to post early, events, gossip/tidbits, food and fun. Today on I’m featuring the wildlife I saw at preserves and in the Everglades. If you have any questions drop me a line at Buzz@Philly Chit or check out my FB page and leave a comment . I highly recommend you check out these places to see nature at home. It’s not too too far from Disney World, definitely worth a trip, plus the sunsets are amazing.


It was so nice to see one of my best friends, she just lights up my life; and to see her so in LOVE with a guy who cherishes her, makes her laugh, supports her, encourages her, and is her best friend makes me very happy. She’s equal in all those adjectives as well. Together they are the picture of perfect. Anyway, seeing them, catching up with old friends and making new ones, the warmth of Florida and me getting over my fear of flying makes me a happy HughE in our cloudy winter. I have my SADD light on, which if you get the blues in the winter, I highly recommend them. Tomorrow I will have Maria/Chris wedding photos. It’ll take me a little more time to write that out.

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The first day in Naples I went to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
I had been there before as Mike’s Aunt Bernie and Uncle Bob Nakamura live near by, their son David Nakamura is a White House Correspondent for
The Washington Post. Follow him on TWITTER


We went with our friend Grig, who was also in town for the wedding. Corkscrew is a short drive from Naples, about 40 minutes
north. It’s family friendly, and is a series of boardwalk trails, so there’s a good chance there won’t be an alligator on the trail. It’s very safe, even for the faint of heart.

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We saw a cute baby alligator. Mike eagle eye Toub spotted it.

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Water Moccasin

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Brown Anole

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Swamps are beautifulHD1_0335 (Custom)

with pretty birds like the Roseate spoonbills

The Venusta Orchard Spider

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There are volunteers from the Audubon Society on site to point out animals, especially the hard to spot snakes in the swamp

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Who: A Barred Owl high up in a tree sleeping.

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That evening, Friday January 20, 2017 was Maria and Chris’ wedding on the beach. Neither of them is that guy swimming
in the gulf during the sunset.

1-24-2017 10-36-19 AM (Custom)

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The sunset on the Gulf is gorgeous. Go see it. Tune in tomorrow for pixs from the Wedding day and reception.

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The next day we had lunch and a party on a private beach at Pelican Bay, Naples

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Let’s hope the white heron doesn’t get too close to the spiders web

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On our way to the private beach I saw a Green Heron

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Saturday night dinner with friend’s at their beachfront house.
Yes I could live with these sunsets every night.

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Sunday the Konopka’s took us on an Everglade’s excursion. Wooten’s

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Here’s an Anhinga landing

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Swarms of birds and manateesHD1_1169 (Custom)

Alligators sunningHD1_1195 (Custom)

A huge male bald eagle protecting it’s nest

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There were lots of rescued animals in the sanctuary. These animals were rescued from people’s home as pets, and or injured
in the wilds.

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Another sunset, this one overlooking Marco Island