Interesting Program: Susan G. Komen Patient Navigation Program

Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia Seminar on their National Patient Navigation Program To Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes For Underserved Women And Men


Earlier this month Susan G Komen Philadelphia held a seminar on the Navigation Programs they run locally to help underserved women and men in their fight against breast cancer. I love this program, so often when a person goes for treatment, they don’t always know the follow up treatments, maybe they can’t afford the bus, they have other obligations, they’re fearful.

Barriers to quality care
that may lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes
fall into a number of
Financial and economic
Language and cultural
Health care system
Bias based on culture/race/age
/sexual orientation


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Pat Capaldo and Collette Olsen, volunteers of Komen

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Bruno Mandarano, Pfizer, Sidney Grobman, Harold P. Freedman, MD, and Elaine I. Grobman, CEO Komen Philadelphia


Christine Brown and Renee Jordan

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Nora Kamturakes, RN and Joceline Valentine

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Pfizer was the sponsor of the luncheon and provided a boxed lunch for the guests

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Elaine I. Grobman, CEO Komen Philadelphia
One of Komen’s most important priorities is to break through economic or social barriers that prevent many women from accessing quality breast cancer care. With the Navigation Program these women can get
the information they need for their care, and their follow up care which will lengthen their lives.


Harold P. Freeman, MD 
The concept of patient navigation was founded and pioneered by Harold P. Freeman in 1990 for the purpose of eliminating barriers to timely cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care. It has since evolved to include the timely movement of an individual across the entire health care continuum from prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and supportive, to end-of-life care.(source)

Healthcare workers attended the event to hear how the program works, as well as for the guests to discuss how they implement the program with their patients.

In its ongoing effort to reduce breast cancer deaths by ensuring access to timely, quality breast cancer care, Susan G. Komen today announced a new nationwide program, funded by Walgreens and its customers, for patient navigation services that guide women and men through diagnosis and treatment.

A better explanation of the Susan G Komen Navigation Program


Important Dates to Remember:

Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure – Sun May 14 2017