Pixs: Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) for the Young Friends’ Watercolor Remix Party

On February 25, 2017, guests gathered at the Philadelphia Museum of Art  (PMA) for the Young Friends’ Watercolor Remix Party.

3-4-2017 1-43-40 PM (Custom)

More than 300 guests attended the event, raising nearly $55,000 to support a wide range of programs at the Museum including the Young Friends mission of supporting elementary school field trips, art conservation, and acquisitions at the Museum.


Naveen Todi And Danielle Hankin co chairs of the Watercolor Remix Party. Danielle painted her own dress for the occasion.
(PS She is a contender for best dressed of the decade for PhillyChitChat’s 10th anniversary in 07/07/17)

Zoe King, Stephanie Campbell, Paige Corson, Sarah Haack (Custom)

Zoe King, Stephanie Campbell, Paige Corson, and Sarah Haack


Nicole Allen White and Kellan White 

3-4-2017 1-44-14 PM (Custom)


Naveen Todi, Ina Hajdini, Adelia Mehmetaj, and Suchit Bachalli

2-17-2017 8-58-19 PM (Custom)
Join the PHS Young Friends Party “Flowers After Hours”
Saturday night March 11
Spirits and munchies as well as a cash bar and the entire flower show is yours for the night


Katie Rupar, Devin Tanney, Molly Brennan, Emily McCracken, Megan Scanlon, and Mariana Fernandez


Kalie Desimone and Michael Gerstein


Jacqueline Cassidy, Tyler Cunnion, and Paul Shifflet


Young Friends enjoy:

  • Free admission to private tours, art-inspired excursions, and unique opportunities to meet local artists and curators.
  • Discounts to ticketed Young Friends events, including some of the city’s most popular fundraisers.
  • Networking and social opportunities—including member organized meetups throughout the city.
  • Philanthropic involvement in one of the largest and most renowned museums in the country.
  • All the benefits of general museum membership.


Guests at Watercolor Remix Party


Back Row: Carrie Fisher, Michael McNeely, Alexa Linton, Dylan Dvlieger;

Middle Row: Filiz Leigh, Tina DiSciullo, Maria Morales, Megan McNeely, Lauren Hunter; Bottom Row: Micka Thurin and party guests.

Cara Piskai and Joe Piskai PMA
DJ RoyalePMA
Guests at Watercolor Remix Party

3-4-2017 11-54-06 AM (Custom)

The colorful PMA Young Friends Committee

3-4-2017 1-44-57 PM (Custom)

I normally don’t run photos from events PCC doesn’t shoot, or are not sponsored posted, but I
was away during this event and my friend Danielle Hankin was the co-chair

Photo credit: Dave DiRentis Photography, 2017