The 4th Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament Was Flipping Packed

Good Wednesday. Chatterblast hosted the 4th Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament took place Friday night at Field House in Center City. Over 48 teams competed to become the champion with The Thots coming out on top. Proceeds from the event went to two organizations enriching the lives and hearts of people throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Greater Delaware Valley Chapter of the MS Society and Stonewall Sports Philadelphia. Additional photos will be posted on Philly Metro later today, in the meantime enjoy this snapshots….until next year….HD1_6118 (Custom)

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HD1_6094 (Custom) HD1_6123 (Custom) HD1_6151 (Custom) HD1_6157 (Custom) HD1_6167 (Custom) HD1_6172 (Custom) HD1_6173 (Custom) HD1_6176 (Custom) HD1_6179 (Custom) HD1_6184 (Custom) HD1_6189 (Custom) HD1_6198 (Custom) HD1_6208 (Custom) HD1_6211 (Custom) HD1_6221 (Custom) HD1_6223 (Custom) HD1_6252 (Custom) HD1_6254 (Custom) HD1_6258 (Custom) HD1_6116 (Custom) HD1_6115 (Custom) HD1_6130 (Custom) HD1_6170 (Custom) HD1_6194 (Custom) HD1_6214 (Custom) HD1_6246 (Custom) HD1_6247 (Custom)As you can see the event continues to grow year after year, next year we might have to close down the Parkway for the

V Flip Cup Tournament