NFL in Philly Draft Parties Last Night and other fun photos of the day

OK The Draft is pretty spectacular to have in Philly. For me I don’t really know who the players are. Thankfully my new friend Eddie Alderson was with me Wednesday and could fill me in even on our own players. So bad of me right.  Eddie wasn’t with me last night, so we’re just going to post the photos and I bet you know who these guys. It was a fun night. I didn’t get to go to the NFL Experience yet, tonight I will I think. I do have one more party to attend.  I really hope you guys get out there and enjoy.

4-28-2017 12-55-54 PM (Custom)

Thanks Logan Hotel for allowing me to come up and shoot this

HD1_7659 (Custom)

Thanks to my neighbors the Bernick’s for allowing me to shoot this from your balcony

4-28-2017 12-55-40 PM (Custom)
AMAZING Eagles Fashion

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HD1_7760 (Custom)


HD1_7763 (Custom)

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4-28-2017 12-55-22 PM (Custom)


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4-28-2017 12-54-53 PM (Custom)

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I do know my buddy Brandom Brooks. What a great guy, always says hi Hughe. HD1_7815 (Custom)

4-28-2017 12-59-12 PM (Custom)

HD1_7852 (Custom)

HD1_7824 (Custom)

HD1_7835 (Custom)
World Wide Wes getting down

Look for additional photos from these parties in Metro Philly and Philly Style Magazine, if not today then on Monday.

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It was great meeting so many readers and followers out on the streets, you’re the best.
Wear Sunscreen ~ HughE