OCF Out and Red Poke In, David Morse Helps Out at Whole Foods, Rahel Runs

Red Poke Bowl Opens on South Street, David Morse Helps Out at Whole Foods,

Good Sunday afternoon indeed. Congrats to all the Broad Street Runners, what a great day for a run. I’m a little tardy getting Philly Gossip up today, I overslept, really I went to bed at Ten and woke up at Noon. But I have some hot news that just can’t wait another day so I’m posting it now….


Susan Souffie recounts on her FB page: So I’m grocery shopping and (as usual) can’t reach an item on the top shelf and ask this very tall man walking briskly towards me “Hey, can I borrow your height?” (Works every time, my fellow shorties). He obliges and as he’s handing me the tea I realize – he’s famous! AND I love his movies and (of course) can’t think of his name!!! All I can blurt out is “Oh my god… I love your work!” He looks altogether scared and relieved that THAT was it, says “Thanks!” and continues down the aisle.

Exit David Morse.

End Scene.



I noticed at Easter that OCF had vacated the space at 2nd and South, and that Red Poke was moving in. So busy I forgot to write about it, but yesterday
when I was photographing the South Street Maifest I saw that they were up and running, with quite a crowd.


I think Red Poke is going to make it at this seemed curse spot. In just 5 years it’s been an ice cream shop, OCF Coffee Shop and now Red Poke

What is Red Poke bowl?

Poke bowl is a dish that is vibrant, fresh and trendy. It originated in Hawaii, dating as far back as the first Hawaiians that set foot on the island. It emerged around 1970s when fishermen in Hawaii used simple recipes to create hearty snacks. Poke (pronunced poh-kay) in Hawaiian means “to cut crosswise into pieces,” essentially it is a fish salad which resembles a burrito bowl but with a sushi twist to it. So imagine all of your favorite sushi ingredients in one bowl… YUM! The dish commonly consists of fish and rice and served as cooked and raw, hot and cold all in one bowl.

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Across the street from Red Poke at the former Abbott Square, which is now called Headhouse Flats, an art installation has been installed at rumored to be  Bfresh supermarket. Previously the windows stated Garden of Eden would open.


As a part of its ongoing effort to enliven and bring art to the business corridor, South Street Headhouse District and HAHAxParadigm have partnered with Philadelphia artist Amberella to create an over 100ft long wheat-pasted mural wrapping the NW corner of 2nd St and South St.

The project was developed and installed leading up to the Fifth Annual South Street Spring Festival (#SouthStFest) and will debut in full on Saturday, May 6th during the massive street fair event.

The simple and effective messages of encouragement and love are meant to conjure a sentiment of hope both for the street and for our community at large.  The South Street Spring Festival is a celebration of the culture and diversity of South Street with hundreds of artisan crafts, eclectic local businesses and delicious food,  as well as over 30 musical acts on multiple performing areas throughout the eight block fairground.

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Team Derek caught up with Hal Holbrook this week. At first I thought it was Elaine Stritch, but you know she passed away a few years ago. He does look amazing for 92 years old though. He was in town to perform in his one man show- Hal Holbrook: Mark Twain Tonight at the Merriam Theater. The actor also played Deep Throat in All the President’s Men and won an Oscar nomination for his performance in Into the Wild. For years he was married to Dixie Carter, from Designing Women. Sad to hear they divorced a few years back.

Congrats to CBS3’s Rahel Solomon for completing the Broad Street Run today.

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Congrats to Camden NJ resident Haason Reddick who was drafter to the Arizona Cardinals last week. He was looking dapper in his Commonwealth Proper threads.

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Today is the Chestnut Hill Home & Garden Festival Sunday, May 7, 2017. The action happens bwteen 8000 to 8700 Germantown Avenue. Don’t forget to stop by the new Chestnut Hill Beer Garden, located outside of Market at the Fareway


RACE FOR THE CURE IS NEXT SUNDAY MAY 14, 2017 – It’s great you show up pretty in pink, but support us by registering and raising much needed funds for to Save Lifes.
Look for me, shout to me and I’ll grab a shot of you!