Photos: The Valley Youth House 7th Annual “Always Bet on Youth” Casino night

The Valley Youth House (VYH) hosted its 7th Annual “Always Bet on Youth” Casino night to benefit homeless and foster youth of Pennsylvania on May 4, 2017, at the Crystal Tea Room.

The night began with a cocktail party at which several people were honored, including 2017 Young Achiever is Christopher Heard, Harold Epps and FS Investments at the Always Bet on Youth Casino Night as the 2017 Corporate Achiever!


Valley Youth House provides a first line of defense for troubled young people and their families. Protection from abuse, neglect, and family disintegration is achieved through a strategy involving prevention, crisis intervention, and long-term help. Elvis was there too!!

Dan McDevitt and Anne Bayless.Dan McDevitt and Anne Bayless.



Christopher Heard

Chris is an active member of the Achieving Independence Center and has displayed self-sufficiency in a myriad of ways in the time VYH has worked with him.

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Valley Youth House honored Harold T. Epps, Director of Commerce at the City of Philadelphia, at the annual Always Bet on Youth Casino Night as the 2017 Individual Achiever! As Director of Commerce, Mr. Epps oversees and implements policies to help both small businesses and major corporations in Philadelphia thrive. Commerce coordinates activities along neighborhood commercial corridors with small businesses and entrepreneurs, major real estate development projects, large-scale business attraction and retention efforts, as well as efforts to increase minority-owned business contracting opportunities. His work in support of workforce development and business diversity creates opportunities for the youth of Philadelphia.
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Patrick Cahill, Chair Board of Governors


Angelique Israel, Erla Joseph, and Christopher Heard.


Patrick Cahill, Kerry Cahill, Katie Jordan, and Doug Jordan.

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 Thomas R. Harrington President & Chief Executive Officer



Perry Monastero, Beth Kearney, and Nicole Ellis.

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Through its charitable affiliate, the FS Foundation, FS Investments not only supports local nonprofit agencies, but drives a culture of civic responsibility for their employees. Over 2,500 hours of volunteer work have been contributed by FS Investments employees, with over 80% of the firm participating in the volunteer program.  The foundation also makes a one to one match for all employee’s personal charitable giving, contributes funds to disaster relief services, and offers a board training and placement program.

FS Investments is dedicated to supporting youth in Philadelphia, partnering with Vetri Community Partnership, the Mural Arts Program, Philabundance, Children’s Scholarship Fund, and many more.

Congratulations, FS Investments, on the well deserved title of 2017 Community Achiever!


Angelique Israel, Erla Joseph, and Christopher Heard.