Vacation Plans: The Brand New Parking Spot 2 is Now Open at PHL Airport

Vacation Plans: The Brand New Parking Spot 2 is Now Open at PHL Airport

Good Tuesday morning. It’s summer and I know you are all traveling to fun exotic places near and far. A few weeks ago Mike and I headed to Alaska for our Cabot Cheese Cruise. I’ll be writing about that soon I promise. Some of you know we went bird watching at Tinicum Park/John Heinz Wildlife Refuge about a month ago. On our way back to Rt 95 towards Philly we passed this cute parking lot called – The Parking Spot. We decided we would use this one on our trip this time. The buses were eye catching, and I saw they had a membership parking card.  Since I got over my fear of flying this year, I think I need a membership to a PHL parking spot. We like to park our car at the airport when we travel. Coincidentally the Parking Spot reached out to me about the same time to explore what they had to offer. Now that is serendipitous. I covered the Grand Opening of the Parking Spot 2, which is a covered parking to protect your car from the elements.

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The Parking Spot Officials at the Ribbon Cutting of the Parking Spot 2
Frank McCann, Thom Zak,
Senior Vice President and Chief Client Officer; Sam Londres, Kevin J. Shrier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Eric Bergman, Jim Pio, Sales Manager at The Parking Spot and Yves Agustin
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The Parking Spot 2 protects up to 1200 cars from the elements. It is well lit, fenced in and secured 24/7.
The Parking Spot is more than just a space to park your car. We focus on hospitality, making it easy, comfortable and affordable to get a superior airport parking experience. Founded in 1998, The Parking Spot is the leading near-airport parking company in the United States with 38 locations at 21 airports. (source)


NewAfter the ribbon cutting there was a lunch for the  the Philadelphia Business Travel Association which Jim Pio, The Parking Spot, is president.
Jim Pio
and the ladies from Ricoh USA

The Parking Spot is the nation’s largest owner and operator of near-airport  parking properties serving guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   The Parking Spot has a loyalty program, The Spot Club TM , offers guests perks such  as, free earned days of parking, member exclusive deals, and added benefits  through their loyalty tiered program.

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Michael Farrel, Fox World Travel, Adrienne Ralph, AAA, and Brian St. Leger, AAA

HD1_7945 (Custom)Amanda Trepanowski, Sonesta; Thom Zak; Alyssa Comunale, Sonesta; Michael Fitzgerald, Ave Mulway, Joe Barton, GPTA

HD1_7955 (Custom)
Lani, Stacey Confer, AVE Malvern, and Ava Pachel, AVE Malvern (A Korman property)

HD1_7949 (Custom)

Karen Jablonski, Blank Rome and Bernadette Polson, American Airlines

Jim Pio greets the guests
Jeff Guaracino from Welcome America, Inc talks about upcoming exciting events happening for July 4th.

Kyle Brown, The Parking Spot
HD1_8063 (Custom)

Joe Barton, Cornerstone Government Affairs


The Parking Spot had the local charity Jenna Priore, Camp Kesem stop by and give a talk on their camp for kids. Then the Parking Spot made a generous donation to them.

HD1_8000 (Custom)Speaking of the Parking Spot 2, here’s what the covered lot looks like; very clean, well marked, high ceilings and with skylights.

6-27-2017 9-49-43 AM (Custom)

As I mentioned in the beginning of the entry, Mike and I used the facility when we went to Alaska a few weeks ago. The driver was nice enough for me to grab this shot on our way out, he probably thought I was crazy. I told him I was capturing my vacation from the beginning to the end. Seriously how great is the branding?
Here’s two very important things to remember when planning your vacation

  • Make a reservation on the Parking Spot website

    We’ll save you a spot!

    Sign up for a Spot Club account to waive your reservation fee. Also, lookout for an email from The Parking Spot the day before your arrival for detailed instructions.

  • Download the Parking Spot App (which keeps track of everything)

    Manage your Spot Club account and track your shuttle.

    Download the Parking Spot App and sign into your account to view your reservation details learn more.




The buses are really clean, and they had seat belts which I loved. The drivers are very friendly and helped us with our bags on and off. They also asked about our vacation plans. When you park your car, the driver picks you up at your car, and gives you a card that states what spot your car is parked at. When you return, you give it to the shuttle bus driver and he takes you to your car.

I was very impressed with the ease of use. Makes me want to travel more this year, if only Mike wasn’t nearly out of vacation days.

I didn’t know it when I parked there, but there’s an app you can download to see where the buses are when your plane arrives and you’re ready to go back to your car, and you can notify them through the app that you are waiting at a shuttle stop. When we went out we saw we had just missed

You can also call the dispatcher like we did, and the bus came within 5 minutes.  It was 630am, and the driver could not have been more pleasant. He told us about how the shuttles constantly circle the arrival area looking for the Parking Spot customers, so that no one has to wait long

HD1_7995 (Custom)

Here’s instructions on how to reserve parking, download the app and make everything really easy. The ride back to the Parking Spot 2 was 5 minutes. Mike Timed it as I know you’re not surprised by that. I felt like it was the closest one. It certainly was the easiest one to get find, and get on the highway from. In January it was foggy, and we could not find the one we used to use. The GPS was wonky and we ended up no where near it. I really panicked. I guess that’s why we were in the market for a new parking spot, the other one was further away. I find the Parking Spot to be much more convenient. Plus you can sign up for a membership, collect points towards free parking. Also this summer, they have an opening special for parking. Definitely try them out. Here’s the Link.

I completely forgot to tell you about the bottle water they give out to their customers when they check out of the parking spot. It’s much appreciated, the air in the plane is dehydrating

(This blog post was sponsored by the Parking Spot)

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