A few Shots I took Over The Last Decade That I Love

Good Monday. Sorry I am so tardy today with my blog post. I really need to get back on track. In the begining, and for the first 6 years, I didn’t go to bed til I had the next day’s entry published. Then I discovered sleep and would wake up at 6AM to get the post up. Now I’m just lazy and hit snooze. I’ll set a goal to do better in the next decade.  Here are a 10 of my favorite shots taken the last decade that have nothing to do with events, but everything to do with the beauty of the world.



It took a lot of years to catch this shot as I had envisioned. Not too much snow, the sun out, and the trees still holding onto the newly fallen snow.

I really was at the right time, right place with the orange moon rising just over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

On my way home from work one night, I peaked at the Gates of Hell and got this shot.

One of my first corporate partnerships. Capitol Hill Hotel brought me down to DC to check out their property, as well as write about their year long presidential suite campaign.
I asked if I could come Easter Weekend, which I had heard was near the time of the Cherry Blossoms. I always wanted to see them. They were amazing.
I wish they had left Amor up on the steps, but it did find a nice home near Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral

P1040911 (Custom)
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that at least once a week I post the sunrise or sunset from around Philly.
This is from my balcony. I’m so fortunate to have a beautiful view of Philly. While growing up in SJ, it was my bucket list goal.amish farm (Custom)
I love photographing Lancaster, and of course the Amish. I am always respectful and avoid shooting the front of them.
It is unnerving when they turn around and catch me though.
I never tire of the Parkwaybw (Custom)
Did you know Pennsylvania has a significant Elk population. They are appropriately in Elk County, which is about 7 hours from here in the
Northwest corner of the state. In the Fall they migrate from one mountain to another and it’s a big thing to go watch. It was great.

For my 2nd Anniversary of I had a party at the newly opened Waterfront Square, hosted by PR Peep

James Zeleniak is the Principal of Punch Media. It was great.


Who doesn’t have this on their bucket list. The best place to shoot Boat House Row, is not from MLK Drive, but from the Spring Garden overpass, with a fairly long lense.


Two Honorable Mentions I took before 2007


On my way to work at Kohn Swift & Graft I shot this just for fun, but ended up selling it as a poster via Modell’s for a couple months.
Anyone have one?


Still my all time favorite shot. I captured this on my way home after work one day in 1996