#PCC10th Series – 25 Favorite Photos of the Past Decade

It was hard to list only 10 of my favorite photos of the last decade, I wish I could have posted 50, but I settled on my favorite 25 with tidbits about each. Enjoy. Thanks HughE


A couple years back Mark Segal, founder and publisher of Phila Gay News, published his autobiography. A party was held in his honor at the Independence Visitor Center was attended by good friends, one of those friends was Sharon Pinkenson, executive director of Greater Philadelphia Film Office

I am so grateful to have been one of 15 photographers credentialed to photograph Pope Francis’ mass at
the Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral. I didn’t realize how short the Pope was, I hope all the priests got their shots.
Eagles snapper Jon Dorenbos takes a selfie with his now wife Annalise and at the time fellow player Mark Sanchez, at Fashion Touchdown 2015. Which will be held this year 11/13/17
Penns Landing has shown that if you build it they will come, and you don’t need to cap Rt 95Favorite
Nicole Miller fashion show at the Bellevue. As someone who photographed several seasons of NYC fashion week, I always concentrate on the front row to see who’s sitting there. This photo ran in the Philly Inquirer in Michael Klein‘s column Inqlings. Favorite
I love this event the UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball. I photographed Mayor Nutter and Mrs Lisa Nutter for 8 years and sometimes when I’m at an event I think I’m going to see them, and don’t. I hope they’re well.

America Ferrera came to Philly to campaign for Hillary when she ran against Obama. This shot was taken at Bryn Mawr College.Bacon Mummers (4) (Custom)
Laura Burkhardt and Where Magazine were so good to me. She would allow me to photograph their magazine shoots if I wanted to. This shot of Jim Werner with The Bacon Brothers and Bunny Sigler appeared in Michael Klein’s column Inqlings, as well as in Philly Chit Chat when I recapped the shoot. Then it appeared on the cover of Where Magazine the following month. I shot so many fun cover shoots including reality star, now realtor to the stars Reid Rosenthal, and Stewart Bradley 

The Clydesdale celebrated McGillin’s anniversary with Christopher Mullins along for the ride
I love that this guy is pointing to himself 40 years earlier. Thanks for your civil disobedience DSC_1703 (Custom)

Made in America fans. I love how excited they are spotting Beyonce. I love Made in America, and I love that JayZ chose Philly to hold the music festival here.DSC_3084 (Custom)

I love all survivors at charity walks – This at the Philadelphia Stroke WalkDSC_3258 (Custom)

DSC_4274 (Custom)
Pearl, everyone’s favorite volunteer, sitting on her husband’s bench. DSC_4410 (Custom)
Every year Laura Burkhart and I tour South Jersey checking out Christmas lights. DSC_5863 (Custom)
Every year John DeBella hosts a turkey drop for charity. Here’s Monica Malpass, a few Parxetts, and a turkey – everyone’s favorite photographer/instagramer Albert Lee at the event. I think as some point Al had worked in radio promotions and started this gig, and continue to volunteer being a turkey when he worked for the Phila Visitor Center.Favorite
Who didn’t have a crush on Jade Starling, in the 80s, as well as Butch Cordova, and the ‘In Bed with Butch’ TV Show. Butch did a promo with BoConcept’s on Chestnut St. where he would live in their “window” for a week I think. He had guests stop by and one of them was Jade Starling. I just love this photo, it was hard to shoot and I had an idea of what I wanted. They had a different idea, and in the end it was perfect. I sent this shot to Klein and Inqlings. It was great to contribute to Klein’s column, he rarely sent me on assignments, instead trusting me that I would bring him something interesting. This was before social media took off, so I was submitting “exclusives” to him. I never wrote about events before he published them.  I wanted to make sure he wasn’t competing with anyone else, including me.
After Klein ended his “gossip” column, they did have a replacement, but he wasn’t really committed to local gossip, and I wanted to offer the photos I took to Philly Mag. It just didn’t work out with my “One Shot” photos, it wasn’t the same. I wanted to return to the newspaper, I felt that was the right place. Dan Gross was more open to publishing my photos. I made a smooth transition over to the Daily News in print, and online.  After Dan left, which was devastating to me, I was able to offer the same deal to Molly Eichel, and then Jenny DeHuff. I was thrilled, and it continued to motivate me to capture great “one shots.”Favorite
Big Rube, a legendary entrepreneur at the opening of the Barney’s Co-op store in Rittenhouse.
L-R Renee Reese, GN Kang (we had so much fun), Rube, Michelle Miller (so helpful in my career) and Erin Elmore, reality star and generous allowing me to photograph her at public parties and inviting me to private parties. So much fun.
In the early years, before parties started to multiply, I would photograph a lot of my new friends at private parties, in bars, charity events, even who is sitting at Rouge or Parc eateries. I was creating characters, and scenes in order to make it interesting to read Philly Chit Chat every day. Favorite
The Comcast Light Show, one year they did it in 3D. This is definitely a favorite photo. Favorite
Patty Jackson, legendary radio personality with Fox29’s Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley. Patty is amazing, and I love that one of her assistants takes her “selfies”. They are always perfect. Favorite
Year’s ago there was a website called Philadelphia Skyline. It was incredible, especially since I had been taking photos of the skyline for as long as I’ve lived in Philly and now there was a site like that, with so much more information and sometimes with shots you needed to know someone to get. (aah it was special before drones came along)
It was run by Bradley Maule (c), assisted by photographer Stephen Ives and sorry I can’t remember you on the right.
Erin Elmore Wins Phila Dancing With The Stars1 (Custom)
One of my favorite events – The Sickel Cell Anemia “Dancing with the Stars”, created by Brownstone PR’s Megan Smith. It was an annual event for 3 years. A lot of hard work went into this event, as the “stars” had to practice for 6 weeks before the competition. It was well worth it, and it raised a lot of money. I miss it.Favorite
Being PhillyChitChat, a media outlet, I have gotten to photograph a lot of fun events. This was a Harlem Globetrotters meet’s the Flyers for a charity game. While waiting to go to our seats, this happened. This photo appeared in Metro Philly.
I love what I do, and get to share it with you.
This is one of those business’ that is not really work cause it’s so fun.