Selfies, Signs and TShirts at 12th Annual Car Show and Street Festival

Selfies, Signs and TShirts at 12th Annual Car Show and Street Festival

Sunday was a winner as far as weather and certainly at the 12th Annual Car Show and Street Festival.

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I was there to capture it all. I sent a few photos to media outlets, and saved these fun ones for us.

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Always great to see Holly and Collin Keefe. They just got back from a dream vacation, that I once did, which was fly into Phoenix AZ, and drive to
Las Vegas via Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. – Jackpot!

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I think Diva and Noodles enjoyed the day.

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Vanessa Beahn, Brauhaus Schmitz  and Seth Power
Vanessa tells me the 2nd annual 23rd Armory Oktoberfest over Columbus Day Weekend with 4 sessions to choose from is coming up. Already 1,000 tickets have
been sold. Get yours HERE



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This guy created a drive in theater in the boot of his car

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For Sale
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I had dinner at the new eatery on East Passyunk – Barcelona last night. What a gorgeous space. The staff is super friendly, and the food is delicious.

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Marlo Dilks tells me all the coins collected in the video game at Punk Burger East Passyunk will
go to American Foundation of Suicide Prevention Philadelphia Chapter. Thanks

Hang in there Friday is only 5 days away….